Inside Hrithik Roshan’s Stunning Sea Facing Bachelor Pad

This is the fifth post in the series – Celebrity Home Tours Week on Urban Company Homes! See the first four about Alia Bhatt, John Abraham, Kangana Ranaut, Parineeti Chopra’...

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This is the fifth post in the series – Celebrity Home Tours Week on Urban Company Homes! See the first four about Alia Bhatt, John Abraham, Kangana Ranaut, Parineeti Chopra’s homes here, here, here and here

Life is short, buy the beach house.

This must have been the idea behind Hrithik Roshan’s sea facing apartment in Mumbai. Inspired by the sea and his travels with his family, his eclectic 3000 square foot house is a blend of a family home with a positively heavenly bachelor abode.

For those bachelors out there looking to invest in a luxury apartment, this article is your perfect stop. From neutral tones to bright coloured decor accessories, Hrithik Roshan’s king sized home will surprise you with its elegance and open plan.  Designed by the very brilliant Ashiesh Shah, this bachelor pad will make you forget your worries for a while and rekindle with your beach destination! 

So, welcome abode ~

1. The Living Room

The living room bathed in neutral tones is a breezy affair, with a beach-y area rug. Notice how symmetrically aligned all the decor items on the low-levelled coffee table is, with varying height.  The living area has a contrast of dominant beige and blue, and grey custom-made sofas. A striking element here is how the room opens up to the balcony space, adding freshness to the overall summery setup of the room.

2. The Den

Gallery wall ideas to steal from? RIGHT HERE! 😀

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Notice that vintage armchair giving a Parisian touch to the entire rustic appeal of the den. Low levelled cushioned sofas are #Trending these days ~ and we’re in love with these check patterned ones here. The bold red of the Telephone Booth-like book rack has added a vintage touch to the overall contemporary mood of this space, and it looks visually appealing.

A massive billiard table overlooks the Arabian sea. It should be no surprise that the spectacular view of the Arabian Sea were among the most attractive features of this space. Bathed in white, the room perfectly balances the natural light from outside. And oh! those magnificent hanging lights to add some more lighting to the already lit up gaming space. Now these are some serious #BachelorPadGoals! *_*

This is our favourite quirky quote peppered across the wall (walls)! Did you know? This quote has been penned by Hrithik himself.

On the whitewashed brick walls in his den above, Roshan and his kids project movies on weekends. The space is again decorated with patterned cushions and low levelled coffee table. Notice the inspiring doodle on the right most part of the wall. *Pinterest this picture already!*

This orange-toned bubble chair in the den, which is adjacent to the bar place, is an inviting idea for relaxation! It serves as the perfect corner to chill with a glass of wine, isn’t? 😉

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3. The Balcony

The balcony is an extravagant affair with larger than life sized hammock (actually, everything in his home is larger than life!) and a sprawling enclosed green scape to feel closer to nature. The wooden ceiling is a striking element in the balcony and is a breakaway from the all green scape look. The laid back seating arrangement serves for an enticing place to sip one’s first cup of coffee, isn’t?

PS. See the inspirational quote on the wall here too, but we’re not complaining one bit.

4. The Home Office

The home-office in Hrithik Roshan’s house, centred on functionality and serenity, is in itself a process of self discovery. With wonderful quotes all across the walls and a stack of personal collections, creating a sense of belongingness with sophistication. There has been extensive use of dark wood from flooring, to the desk to even the racks adding the right amount of warmth to the space. There is minimal laid back cushion style and more use of traditional chairs in an overall contemporary setup.

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5. The Dining Area

The dining area is a combination of wooden charm with summery beach feels – an element that continues from his living room and den to his dining area. The blue colour hue on the wall frame has been cleverly matched with the fabric on the dining seats.

6. The Kid’s Room

It is no child’s play to design a kid’s room. Look at this abso-amazing world map wallpaper in the kid’s room, complementing with the striking colours of the ladder as well as the seats. Clearly, learning has never seemed so much fun! 🙂 Did you notice? All the rooms have been well balanced with natural light from outside and to that, this room is no exception. We love the football shaped carpet that’s upping the kid’s decor style.

Try These #DecorTricks From Hrithik Roshan’s Home

  1. Quirky quotes spread all across the house, some of which have been penned by Hrithik himself. You could use natural stones to write your quotes on. 
  2. The clever use of natural light throughout every room.
  3. A beach holiday inspired colour tones, mainly shades of blue and beige.
  4. Of course, the balcony lounger, which is our absolute favourite! 😀

Hrithik Roshan’s bachelor pad is a universe of contemporary home ideas for anybody looking to renovate their home with trendy and elegant furnitures and decor accessories.

Photo courtesy: Vogue Living | Interior Architect: Ashiesh Shah

What do you think of Hrithik Roshan’s home?

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