How To Prevent Dandruff In Men

Dandruff is a common problem faced by people across the globe. Men are more frequent victims of this condition. Although the flaking of skin (particularly on the scalp) is ...

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Dandruff is a common problem faced by people across the globe. Men are more frequent victims of this condition. Although the flaking of skin (particularly on the scalp) is the primary symptom,  itching of the scalp is also observed in many. The causes of dandruff are not clear, but experts agree that the condition is not due to lack of hygiene.

how to prevent dandruff
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While it rarely causes serious medical issues, dandruff does result in low self-esteem and social issues. In many individuals, it causes a significant loss of self-confidence and instills a sense of awkwardness in social dealings. It is not surprising that men spend a great deal on medicines, creams, oils and related stuff to get rid of or prevent dandruff. But at times people do not know how to handle this issue. To shed some light on this matter, let us take a look at some of the most effective measures to prevent dandruff.

Habits to help prevent dandruff

 Several things are recommended as cures to the scourge of dandruff. From changes in your lifestyle to advanced medication, a good number of these have been shown to produce effective results. Many of these remedies require a bit of investment of time and effort, as well as, imposing certain limitations on your habits and routines. 

De-stress yourself

Dandruff belongs to a long list of ailments that are brought about or accentuated due to stress. The modern-day work-life balance and related issues cause a great deal of stress and this naturally results in a higher incidence of dandruff in men. As such, measures to combat stress would go a long way in preventing dandruff. Devoting adequate time for relaxation, practising yoga, having a regular workout and related activities would help keep your scalp free from dandruff.

Eat healthily

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Food habits have a bearing on the health of your scalp. When it comes to dandruff prevention, eating food rich in Vitamin B, zinc and healthy fats is hugely beneficial. The absence of adequate quantities of Vitamin B in your diet puts you at a higher risk of dandruff. To keep your scalp clean and healthy, make sure that your meals include apples, bananas, ginger and garlic, among other food items. Fish, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, is also a good choice.

Shampoo: No more no less

It is quite common to find people trying out several shampoos to combat dandruff. This is an effective option, provided that you pick the right product and use it properly. Specialised anti-dandruff shampoos are available in the market. Most of them need to be left on the scalp for about five minutes before being washed off. Follow the instructions on the bottle/pack. Gently massage your scalp after applying the shampoo. The guidelines for shampoo usage, including the frequency with which you should shampoo your hair, can vary.

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For many people, regular shampoos suffice to keep dandruff away. Those who use anti-dandruff shampoos might have to change the product that they are using every once in a while to see the best results.

Studies also suggest that too much shampooing can cause of dandruff. As such, we must make sure that we do not overdo the whole shampooing process.

Hair care products: exercise caution

Certain hair care and styling products have been observed to cause dandruff.  Many hair colouring products carry a high risk of dandruff. Therefore, be a bit cautious while picking hair products and never exceed the safe limits of usage.

Get a bit of sunlight

Getting some sun can help prevent dandruff. Sunlight is an effective disinfectant and also combats fungal infections on the scalp. However, take care that you do not spend too much time in the sunlight as it can cause sunburns and other skin related issues. The key is to make sure that you get an adequate amount of sunshine.

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Products to help prevent dandruff

Green tea

Latest research suggests that green tea has several medicinal benefits, including that of keeping your scalp and hair in good health. It contains antioxidants that are useful in combating dry scalp and dandruff condition.  You can apply green tea to the scalp and leave it on for a while before rinsing it off. You can combine it with other oils to create a hair care mix for frequent usage.

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Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil possesses many antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that are useful in combating dandruff. It is produced from the leaves of the Australian tea tree. Research trials have pointed to its effectiveness in using this oil for dealing with dandruff. Many hair care products and shampoos use tea tree oil as an ingredient.

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Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been used to treat various ailments. It’s moisturising, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it a useful tool in combating dandruff.

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Coconut oil

Applying coconut oil to the scalp, especially before taking a bath, is a popular recommendation to combat dandruff. Many have recommend coconut oil for ages for its medicinal properties for hair and scalp. Side-effects are minimal.

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When should you get medical attention?

While in most cases, simple remedies would suffice to control dandruff, there are instances when things get out of hand. In the event of excessive flaking or itching of the scalp, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist. This would help you to combat the issue in a better manner and gain relief.

Dandruff is a problem that can take a heavy toll on your self-esteem. Fortunately, it can both be prevented and brought under control. The tips discussed above can come in handy for you. Adhering to them right from adolescence can ensure that you are never haunted by dandruff.

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