How to Match Your Eyeshadow Makeup With Any Indian Outfit

Choosing the perfect outfit for a wedding isn’t easy; there’s so much information out there to help a girl decide. But when it comes to the perfect ...

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Choosing the perfect outfit for a wedding isn’t easy; there’s so much information out there to help a girl decide. But when it comes to the perfect makeup to match the chosen outfit, most women are at the mercy of party makeup artists – especially for eyeshadow makeup.

In this post you will learn:

  • The right eye makeup for green lehengas
  • The perfect colors and makeup for orange sarees
  • Suitable color palettes and eyeshadows for pink sarees and lehengas
  • The perfect golden lehenga-makeup match
  • The best eye makeup for blue lehenga

As Indian women, we’ve grown up hearing that our eyes are our best features. And whether your style is traditional or contemporary, your eyes should be the highlight of your wedding party makeup. Once you’ve made your pick from the 8 colors to wear in 2018, find the eyeshadow makeup to match it with, and complete your wedding makeup look.

If You Are Wearing the Pantone Colour of the Year – Ultraviolet!

Try Muted Grey Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow makeup for an evening wedding

If you have decided on an ultraviolet purple for your bridesmaid outfit, try this grey eyeshadow look with a glitter silver eyeliner as a highlight. Just the right amount of glam that compliments your bold choice of colour for the outfit.

makeup for purple lehenga

Try Rose Golden Eyeshadow

For a day wedding

Day weddings call for light makeup, and when choose a strong purple shade like ultraviolet, the makeup needs to be ever more demure.  This rose gold eyeshadow is your best bet when it comes to picking the perfect eyeshadow colour to compliment ultraviolet. 

makeup for purple saree

Pair a rose gold eyeshadow with a blue red lipstick shade like maroon or wine. Read our post on RED LIPSTICK SHADES by Maybelline to find the right shade of red for your skin tone.


Some Fun Ways to Use Eyeshadows

If You Are Wearing Lavender 

Try Light Pink Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow Makeup for a Day Wedding

light pink eyeshadow glitter eyeliner
Image credit: Chelsea Makeup

When dressing up for a day wedding, it’s best to keep the makeup light and the colour palette subtle. Try this frosted pink eyeshadow look with a double liner with a black and silver glitter eyeliner. It will give a funky touch.


Try Silver Eyeshadow

For an evening wedding

Since lavender is a light pastel variant of purple, you could go for strong metallic eyeshadow makeup, with this silver glitter eyeshadow paired with matte wine. This two-tone eyeshadow perfectly balances your outfit and makeup.

makeup for light purple outfit

Try this Unicorn Inspired Purple Eyeshadow

For an evening wedding

purple eyeshadow pink eyeshadow golden glitter eyeshadow

For those who like all things trendy, try this subdued unicorn eye makeup. It uses the trio lilac purple eyeshadow, pink eyeshadow, and gold glitter eyeshadow pigment, with a barely-there liner.

If You Are Wearing Light Blue

Try Cobalt Blue Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow makeup for an evening wedding

Offset the delicate blue of your lehenga or saree with this sultry deep cobalt blue smokey eye look with a peach gradient.

makeup for light blue lehenga

Try Teal Green Eyeshadow

For an evening wedding

teal green eyeshadow golden eyeshadow aqua blue
Image credit: HypNaughty

In case you don’t want to wear the exact same colour as your lehenga or saree, but don’t want to wear a contrasting colour either, this deep teal green eyeshadow with gold highlights is from the same cool, colour palette. We loved the touch of aqua blue in the inner corners to brighten the overall look.

Try Lilac Purple Eyeshadow

For a day wedding

lilac purple eyeshadow
Image credit: Cocomomo88

Brides with a delicate taste would love this soft lilac purple eyeshadow makeup. It comes straight out of the pastel colour palette and adds just the right amount of colour to your overall look.

If You Are Wearing Orange

Try a Matte Nude Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow makeup for a day wedding

Day weddings usually call for light makeup, especially when you’re wearing strong colours like orange. Try this barely-there nude smokey eye to emphasise the shape of your eye. Complete the look with a nude lipstick and a mild highlighter.

makeup for orange lehenga

Try a Mauve & Terracotta Brown Eyeshadow Combo

For an evening wedding

Image credit: Roxana Sadowska

If nude is not your style and you prefer a bit of colour on your face, try this terracotta and mauve eyeshadow gradient, paired with the shimmery nude colour mentioned before. Somewhere between an orange and brown, terracotta, along with mauve, both fall in the same earthy palette. This two-tone eyeshadow makeup will emphasise the overall look, without overpowering the outfit. 

Try a Nude Glitter Eyeshadow

For an evening wedding

Light makeup is what you need to wear when sporting a strong colour like orange. A nude eyeshadow with a shimmer dust swept over the inner lid is the best way to balance  an orange lehenga or sharara, without dimming the glam quotient. Finish with glossy lips for an evening no makeup makeup look.

If You Are Wearing Dull Pink

Try Purple Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow makeup for an evening wedding

While a dull pink lehenga looks fabulous during the day, wearing it for even a late afternoon function could dim your overall look. If you’re the edgy bride who’d like to heighten the drama, try this smokey eye look with an intense purple eyeshadow.

Makeup for light pink lehenga

Try Aqua Blue Eyeshadow

For a day wedding

Quirky brides should try this peek-a-boo eye makeup that combines a catty eyeliner style with aqua blue eyeshadow highlights in the lower lash line.

Makeup for light pink saree

Try Mauve Brown Eyeshadow

For an evening wedding

mauve brown eyeshadow golden eyeshadow
Image credit: Makeup Tips Site

If vintage is your style, this is the eyeshadow makeup look for you. The mauve brown and golden eyeshadow makeup adds old world charm to a dull pink lehenga. Finish with deep shade lipstick.

If You Are Wearing Mint Green

Try Golden Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow makeup for an evening wedding

smokey eye golden eyeshadow
Image credit: Sabella Makeup

Should you choose to wear a mint saree or lehenga for an evening function, we recommend you wear makeup that brightens your overall look – like this striking smokey eye makeup using a golden glitter eyeshadow.

Try a Golden Glitter Double Liner

For a day wedding

If you’d like to go heavy on the lipstick, try this double liner eye look in gold glitter eyeliner and charcoal over a light golden eyeshadow, to even out the whole makeup.

Makeup for mint green lehenga

Try a Matte Golden Eyeshadow

For a day wedding

matte golden eyeshadow nude eyeshadow
Image credit: Denitslava

We loved the neat lines of this look! Pair this nude and matte gold eyeshadow with lipsticks in coral or light pinks for a pretty pastel wedding look.

If You Are Wearing White

Try Peacock Green Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow makeup for an evening wedding

With white, you can afford to play a little with colour – like this peacock inspired multi-colour eye makeup for the evening. Mind you, this only works if you have hints of blue, purple or green in the embroidery. If not, try 3-tone look with colours matching the thread work of your white lehenga.

Makeup for ivory white lehenga

Try Grey Eyeshadow

For a day wedding

grey eyeshadow silver eyeshadow
Image credit: Maryam Maquillage

For the day, we suggest keeping things subtle and elegant with this grey and pink eyeshadow look. Pair it with a natural pink lipstick.


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