How to Choose the Perfect Carpet Flooring Colour to Match Your Walls?

Sometimes a colourful rug is all you need to liven up your apartment. At other times you want to cover the floor with a carpet to get that cosy ...

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Sometimes a colourful rug is all you need to liven up your apartment. At other times you want to cover the floor with a carpet to get that cosy feeling.  If carpet flooring is what’s on your mind, then the first thing you need to decide on is its colour. Other parameters like type, style, design, and quality, can come later.

If you are planning to renovate your house or are just thinking to move to carpet flooring; these self-quarantine days are perfect for tweaking things in your home. Choosing a colour is often hard, but not if you discuss this with your contractor with some clarity about what exactly you are looking for.

Looking for some tips and suggestions to help you in your quest to jazz up your house with carpet flooring? This short guide will definitely help you:

Let’s first get the basics right

The colour of your carpet flooring should ideally match with your walls as well as your furniture. While contrasting is still in vogue, you can experiment with different combinations to get the desired look. A look that will make your guests stop, examine, and repeatedly  say, “This is so charming!”

Carpet flooring
Image via United Carpet

If you have just bought a new apartment, it will be easier for you to plan. How? Because then you can follow the proven process of:

  • First choose the colour of the furniture (sofa, tables, shelves, lamps)
  • Then decide the curtains
  • And then finally select the colour of the carpet flooring, followed by that of the wall paint.

In the field of interior designing, this is the sequence to follow because often the colour of the furniture is more restricted than that of curtains and carpets. Therefore, having the central piece of your living room’s furniture – which is the sofa – ready can better guide you in choosing the colour of your carpet flooring.

In case you are unable to follow this process, you can still go about choosing the right colour by sticking to neutral tones.

Neutral and generic colours for the carpet

Basic colours are preferred for full carpets because they let other elements of your room stand out. For example, if your couch and other furniture are sky blue and your walls are darker shades of blue, you can choose off-white for your carpet. This will give your room a right blend and any visiting eye will focus on what matters: the framed pictures on the wall, the chandelier, or the sofa.

If you choose a dark and fancy design for your end-to-end carpet, it will only overpower the room;  the first thing to avoid as a rule in interior designing. This is why everyone prefers only subtle designs in carpet floorings.

neutral carpet colour
Image via Superior Flooring

Of course, this does not mean you cannot choose bright colours. If it matches with your furnishings and looks pleasant, then go ahead. After all, it’s the looks and the feeling that matters.

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Transferring your personality to the carpet

Neutral colours are excellent, but what if you want the carpet design to align with your personality? You add some pattern to the carpet while maintaining a balance between it becoming gaudy and staying simple.

Our partner experts in home interior styling recommend going with the current trends of simple patterns like light brown swirls on off-white or some cuts and loops at designated places. You can also toy around with different patterns, but the same colours, in different rooms. If it’s a study room, how about some parallel lines on one side?

patterned carpet
Image via Made by Mood

If you want to inch closer to the perfect interior, make sure the pattern on the carpet and the walls are the same. Wallpapers are both great and cheap options for this purpose if you are only looking at changing the flooring now.

Consider the price of upkeep

A little bit of foresight during the installation phase can go a long way in saving you money.

When you choose the colour of your carpet first and then the walls, you stand at a great advantage, economically speaking. Because upgrading your carpet flooring is a much more expensive affair than repainting your walls.

It is also best to stick to neutral colours and traditional patterns because that way you won’t need to change it now and then. If it looks beautiful and blends with other blends in 2020, it will look fine ten years later.

Image via Flooring Guide

This is also where you need to decide on the material and its quality. Of course, you may be able to afford a high-end material, but considering its maintenance cost can help you choose wisely.

Additional tips

While the above three points are of the highest importance, you can also consider the following tips while discussing the specifics with your interior designer/contractor:

  • A white carpet is always a big no-no (obviously because dirt will easily show on them)
  • Dark colours are also not recommended because carpets are after all fabrics and they tend to attract lint and other dust-like debris (which can be easily visible on them)
  • Consider exploring a special type of carpets called Moroccan Berber flecks that have recently grown popular in India (they are just patterns that look like variations of the good old Indian sack made of kalpavriksha)
  • If you choose to go with some fluff on your carpet, make sure they are easily vacuumable. Otherwise, it will be tough to clean them.
choosing right flooring
Image via NearSay

These are the initial steps for choosing the colour of your carpet flooring. Once you have a good idea of what you want, you can start looking at samples. Remember: there’s no need for haste when it comes to interiors. If you need more assistance, get in touch with us today.



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