How Much Does a False Ceiling Cost in India?

What do the rates of false ceilings depend upon? What would a false ceiling cost you? What are the market rates for materials and labour? We answer your most ...

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What do the rates of false ceilings depend upon? What would a false ceiling cost you? What are the market rates for materials and labour? We answer your most asked questions in this post.
(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on false ceilings in India.)

Our fascination for false ceilings has led many developers today to provide these by default in new residential projects. If you are a new homeowner, chances are you don’t need to spend on a false ceiling design. But if you want to renovate an older property or have a high-end home or simply want a more elaborate false ceiling design than that provided by your builder, you’re most likely to carry out an extensive overhaul of the existing ceiling.

Here’s what this post will help you with:

  • What factors does the cost of false ceiling depend upon?
  • How much does a false ceiling cost per square feet? (With conditions and a table for false ceiling prices across major cities.)
  • Important points that no one tells you.
  • What are the latest trends in false ceiling design?

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Factors That Determine the Cost of False Ceilings

  1. The design of the false ceiling, and how elaborate and decorative it is;
  2. The availability and pricing of the ceiling material in the local market/city;
  3. The quality of material used;
  4. The total area to be covered (bigger areas tend to have lower per square feet rates as materials can then be ordered in bulk);
  5. Additional costs like electrical work, gala cutting, light fixtures and surface finish.

If you choose to add plywood…

…the cost will vary depending on the type of plywood (commercial is economical, waterproof marine ply is comparatively expensive, and PVC wood finish is cheaper than both), the type of laminate or veneers used to finish the surface (veneers are more expensive), and the complexity of the design (how it impacts the quantity of material and skilled labour required).

If you choose to insert glass…

…the costing will need to take into account the kind of glass used (clear, opaque, textured…), and the size and brand of glass used. Acrylic can be a cheaper alternative to glass, but its ability to diffuse light will differ from glass. There is also the option of Fibreglass, which is a composite material used mostly in commercial projects. 

So, How Much Does a False Ceiling Cost?

Keeping all these factors in mind, here is an approximate price list for gypsum board/POP and wooden false ceiling:



Rate Per Square Feet (in Rs.)
Wooden Rate
Per Square Feet (in Rs.)





125-170 85 (faux wood)-550
NCR 85-130



50-120 100-500










Hyderabad 50-350


*Note: These approximate rates only include material cost for gypsum panels and the aluminium framework, as well as labour costs — in most cases for a single level, plain ceiling.

FYI! What No One Tells You

While now you the costs of false ceilings in India, there are certain other things that no tells you about but we think would be extremely helpful to know:

  • Many a times suppliers, contractors and homeowners might use the term POP and gypsum interchangeably — referring to gypsum panels as POP ceiling. Gypsum is the default material that contractors use.
  • The term ‘POP ceiling’ could also be used to refer to POP decorative mouldings, which are added on the sides of the ceiling and over the base of fans and chandeliers. The rates for POP decorative mouldings depends on the design and size.
  • Strip mouldings are calculated in RFT (running feet) whereas base mouldings come at a fixed price.  
  • The most popular brand for gypsum that architects widely use is Gyproc by Saint Gobain.

Bonus: What are the Latest Trends in False Ceiling Design?

  • Clean, single-level, straightforward designs are currently extremely popular in high-end residential projects. The idea is to integrate light fixtures as seamlessly as possible. The emphasis, therefore, is on the lights as opposed to the ceiling pattern. Given this trend, gypsum plasterboard is the go-to material for residences and small commercial projects.
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Furdo
  • If you still wish to add some fancy elements, you can pair gypsum with other materials like plywood (to create levels on the sides or for a wood finish pattern), glass and acrylic (as decorative insertions or to diffuse light), and even readymade ornate ceiling panels (modern replacement to decorative pop mouldings).
Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Zero9
  • You can also use plain gypsum, and finish it with a wallpaper or textured paint.

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