How Many Functions Should You Have In Your Wedding?


What is the best thing about Indian weddings? The crazy number of days of celebration! Yes, that’s right. Whether it is the Sangeet & Mehendi ceremonies where the bride and her family and friends have a ton of fun or the more formal interactions with the in-laws when the shagun is exchanged.

Image Courtesy: UrbanClap Partner- Sachin Gothwal
Image Courtesy: Urban Company Partner- Sachin Gothwal

More importantly, these rituals have been in place since days of old so as to provide the two families and the to-be-weds with an opportunity to interact and learn more about each other. But the question of the hour is, how many functions should you hold before your wedding?

Here’s what you need to do to figure out the number of functions your wedding should have:

  1. Your wedding budget is one of the primary factors for deciding on this number. If you, for instance, have a budget to plan a grand, maharani-style wedding, then you can probably consider hosting every function in the Indian wedding culture as well as the ones specific to your family or gotra



2. The date of the D-day is another deciding factor. This very, very important date determines the time remaining until your big day and hence, the number of days that you have to organise the pre-wedding functions.

Image Courtesy: UrbanClap Partner- Prathik Panchamia
Image Courtesy: Urban Company Partner- Prathik Panchamia


3. The venue of your wedding is an important parameter in this discussion. For how many days is the venue available? Or will you need to book separate venues for these rituals? Also, is the venue outdoor/indoor and what facilities does it offer?

Image Courtesy: UrbanClap Partner- Akhil Khatri
Image Courtesy: Urban Company Partner- Akhil Khatri

4. Some other miscellaneous questions to be considered are whether your guests will mostly be from out of state or otherwise? Because this means you will need to keep in mind residential arrangements in mind. Which season are you getting married in and how is the weather likely to be like? In case of extreme winters or heavy rains, the arrangements will have to be made carefully and typically, though we agree that they are a lot of fun, an excessive number of functions should be avoided.

Image Courtesy: UrbanClap Partner- Ankit Singh
Image Courtesy: Urban Company Partner- Ankit Singh

5. While the above are the primary things to be focused on when deciding the functions in the line-up to your wedding, but, keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive and may vary on a case-by-case basis. After all, a wedding being the huge production it is, there are umpteen problems that can crop up in the last minute. So, to ensure your wedding sees the success it is due, try and maintain an open mind and a little flexibility in your arrangements.

Image Courtesy: UrbanClap Partner- Keshav Kandhadai Mukund
Image Courtesy: Urban Company Partner- Keshav Kandhadai Mukund

The rest, we promise you, is child’s play!