House cleaning tips: How to clean your home efficiently

Home cleaning needn’t always be a chore. These house cleaning tips will make sure you’re done in no time. In that long list of chores you’ve ...

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Home cleaning needn’t always be a chore. These house cleaning tips will make sure you’re done in no time.

In that long list of chores you’ve been putting away, house cleaning is perhaps the least exciting of the lot. And we don’t blame you. The prospect of cleaning your entire home can be very daunting. But it needn’t be. With these house cleaning tips, you can get your home cleaning done in no time!

House cleaning tips to get a clean home

  1. Declutter
  2. Start by cleaning from top to bottom
  3. Do a round of dry dusting
  4. Dust off the other remaining surfaces
  5. Now clean all the soft surfaces
  6. Wipe down with a wet cloth
  7. Clean your kitchen
  8. Deep clean your bathroom
  9. Wash all linen
  10. Ultimately, clean the floors

Even if it may not seem that way, cleaning your home needn’t be terribly long or difficult if you attack the task piecemeal. Which is to say, look at cleaning just one room at a time. This way, you don’t feel daunted by the enormity of the task. And you can focus all your energies on that one room. Then, when you complete that one room, the sense of achievement should push you to clean the next room and the one after that. You could also consider not cleaning your entire home in one day and splitting up the task across a few days… maybe a room a day.

Here is a ten-step cleaning process you can follow to get your home cleaning done efficiently.


The first and the most important house cleaning tip is to declutter. Whether it’s your old clothes, stack of all those unread newspapers, even those old electronic appliances that you’ve been planning to replace. If you have unfolded laundry or even those plates and glasses from the previous night’s party, start by sorting those out. Fold your laundry, put away the cutlery in the sink. The logic behind this is that you can only start cleaning a space after you’ve decluttered it.

Start by cleaning from top to bottom

Yet again, there’s a logic behind his. When you clean out the cobwebs, dust the fans, walls, and furniture the dust falls on the floor. So, sweep and swab the floor at the very end. If you have a carpet on the floor, roll it up and set it aside to prevent it getting dirtier from all that dusting you’ll be doing.

Do a round of dry dusting

Clean the walls, ceiling, fans, cobwebs from the corners and dust from the top of the tube lights using a broom. Then, take a dry microfibre cloth and clean out the same surfaces again. This second round of dusting will help you get all the dust you missed in the previous round with the broom. For those hard-to-reach spots and dust-prone spaces, opt for the vacuum cleaner.

Dust off the other remaining surfaces

Once you’re done cleaning the electric fixtures, walls, and ceiling, go for the remaining surfaces. These would include shelves, tabletops, windowsills, and other pieces of furniture. Use a microfibre to clean these surfaces.

Dry dusting is essential because if you take a wet cloth to dusty surfaces, you’ll make them dirtier and more difficult to clean up.

Now clean all the soft surfaces

Sofa, mattresses, and carpets are three of the most used and likely the least cleaned surfaces in the house. Follow the same process to clean them as you did the rest of your home.

Vacuum them first and then proceed to do wet cleaning or shampooing. You can read more about how to clean your sofa here <link to sofa cleaning piece> or book an appointment with Urban Company here <link to booking page>

You can shampoo your mattress and carpet too, or you could call Urban Company to clean them up!

When you’re done shampooing these surfaces, leave the fan at full speed so they dry faster.

Wipe down with a wet cloth

While your mattresses, sofa, and carpet dries up, wipe down all the surfaces you’d dusted off. Use a disinfectant liquid mixed with warm water and follow the same order as you did for dusting – top to bottom.

Clean your kitchen

No list of house cleaning tips will be complete without telling you that the kitchen deserves special attention in your home cleaning routine. Kitchen cleaning is more important than any other room’s cleaning simply because you cook and store your food there. No matter how little or extensively you use the kitchen, it attracts grease and grime.

Follow the same process while cleaning the kitchen as you would for the rest of the house. Start by decluttering the kitchen. Throw away all the leftovers and expired products. Set aside the old utensils to be given away to your scrap dealer. If your electronic items such as the toaster, refrigerator, or microwave, are past their lifespan, consider giving them away for e-waste recycling.

Once you’ve decluttered your kitchen, dust it from top to bottom with a broom and/or vacuum cleaner and a microfibre cloth. Then, wipe it down with a wet cloth. Surfaces like the sink, corners of your kitchen platform, and the chimney, which tends to get dirty or grimy because of all the cooking, should be scrubbed down properly with soapy water and a disinfectant. Ultimately, wipe down all surfaces with a dry cloth and leave the fan at full speed so they dry faster.

If all of this sounds terribly exhausting, you could consider hiring professional help from Urban Company to clean them.

Deep clean your bathroom

The bathroom is yet another space which needs to be given special attention. Dust off the cobwebs and take the broom to the walls and ceiling but spend more time ensuring you scrub the toilet, sink and bath area clean. Pay extra attention to tiles and grout lines; don’t forget to wipe down the mirrors. If you have a washing machine in your bathroom, move it, clean from under it and clean the floor and the spaces it tends to cover up.

You could also consider hiring professional help from Urban Company to clean them. <Link to bathroom cleaning services.>

Wash all linen

Toss all your bedspreads, bedsheets, curtains, and towels into the washing machine for a proper wash or send them to the laundry. Replace them with a fresh set. Nothing spells like a clean house as fresh linen.

Ultimately, clean the floors

This is your final task in your extensive list of house cleaning tips. Now that your entire house is clean, a vacuum cleaner or a broom to the floor. Then wipe it with a wet mop. And that’s it, you’re sorted!

Surely, that’s a lot to get done in a day. But it turns out Urban Company experts can accomplish most of this for you in 4-8 hours. Book an extensive deep cleaning service here.

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