Home Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

The run-up to Diwali is a great time to get the house cleaned. Besides doing it for religious reasons when we welcome Goddess Lakshmi into our clean and spotless ...

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The run-up to Diwali is a great time to get the house cleaned. Besides doing it for religious reasons when we welcome Goddess Lakshmi into our clean and spotless homes, there is also a practical side to it. Over the year, dirt and grime accumulate in the house and settle on everything from windowsills to the floor. Everyday cleaning does not seem to cut it as there is hardly any difference between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ once the help or you yourself have cleaned the house.

In this post, we will look at why there is so much difference between the regular cleaning you do on a daily basis and the once-in-a-quarter deep cleaning done by experts. Later, we will look at which parts of the house require deep cleaning on a regular basis and not just on auspicious occasions, such as Diwali.

Part I: Home Deep Cleaning vs Regular Cleaning – What You Need to Know

To actually realise the importance of deep cleaning, one first needs to understand a few things about home deep cleaning vs regular cleaning, the nature of dust and some other factors that lead to build up of dirt and clutter.

Understanding home deep cleaning vs regular cleaning

The cleaning that you do on a regular basis only takes care of the outer whitish-looking layer of daily dust that settles on the surface of the floor, furniture and other items around the house. When we dry swipe decorative pieces, tables and chairs, the cloth or wipe we use removes this outer layer. But at the same time, this cleaning also pushes dust into nooks and crannies. Layers of dust keep accumulating in small crevices, corners, cracks, etc. and become tough grime that regular cleaning can never get rid of.

Certain equipment around the house like fans, kitchen and bathroom exhausts, ovens and microwaves, etc. tend to attract dust and accumulate it in such a way that no amount of regular dusting and washing are able to clean the surface completely. This is why, home deep cleaning should be an essential part of your yearly cleaning calendar. Professional house cleaning services like the ones we offer take care of this grime and ensure your furniture and your decorative items look like new once we are done.


  1. Understanding the nature of dust

Dust is everywhere. It has traces of everything that is present in our local environment. It comprises various elements such as pollen, textile fibres, lint, human and animal skin and hair, traces of soil and household and other chemicals, and believe it or not, even burnt particles of meteorites, among others.

Those of us living in metros and large cities will see more dust in our house than people living in relatively smaller towns and villages. Similarly, anyone living in a house by the roadside will definitely have dustier furniture at the end of the day than another person living away from the main roads.

In fact, unless you devote 2-3 hours daily towards your home cleaning schedule, it is likely that you will need some form of professional help some time or the other to help you get rid of the effects of dust.


  1. The effect of climate

Dry vs humid weather

The climate we live in has a strong influence on how dirty your house gets. Notice a car passing by the street and you can see the amount of dust that rises once it passes by when the weather is dry. But if it were humid, dirt won’t turn into a mini dust storm.

Cold climate

During winters, you will see the dew that settles on your window pane leaves a streak of dirty water on the surface. This streak is more noticeable when the area around it is not as clean as you would want it to be. Cold and moisture also tend to make dirt sticky and leave traces on doors handles, balcony railings, windowsills, etc.

Each of these climates needs a specific type of cleaning – something that most of us are not aware of. For instance, dry wipes are relatively better in humid climates while in drier areas, wiping with a moist cloth helps remove more dust. This is something that professionals know beforehand, thus giving them an edge over us.


  1. The results of Indian cooking

Indian cooking is very oil intensive. As a result, when you touch the countertop, kitchen cabinets, you can feel a sticky oily layer. And, if you happen to have an open kitchen, it’s possible that this grime is also accumulating over furniture nearest to the kitchen.


  1. Nearly impossible to clean areas in the house

There are spaces in every home that are nearly impossible to clean – kitchen exhaust, water and grime stains in the bathroom, areas behind the sink, light fixtures in the false ceiling with concealed lighting, etc. These places need professionals who can use the latest technology to offer the best house cleaning services.

Also, the way to handle grime and dust in these areas is very different from the everyday particles we see settled on the TV monitor or the table top. As such, it is best to leave their cleaning to the experts who know how to get it done.


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Part II: Home Deep Cleaning vs Regular Cleaning – What You Need to Get Cleaned


Now that we know home deep cleaning is needed, let’s look at which areas in your house need deep cleaning services.


The drawing room

This is the space that leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Whether it is Diwali or any party, the drawing room should look great from the morning to the wee hours of the night.

All the money you have spent on the sofa set, the tables, the paintings, the decorations and the overall decor of the room – from the false ceiling and sublime colours to the chandelier and lights – goes to waste if there is dust and grime in the room. Leave aside the bad impression it leaves on your guests, even you and your family will find the space grimy and dirty.


The bedrooms

This is the area which you can truly call your own. Besides the bed, the bedside tables and the chairs, the room usually contains the almirahs for clothes, a dressing table, drawers for beauty and healthcare products, etc.

A dirty bedroom can lead to more germs and insects and cause serious problems. Cleanliness in this space is important as you are at your most vulnerable to germs and insects when you are in deep sleep. Regular deep cleaning of the mattress, for instance, ensures there are no dust mites or other microbes within it, and you and your family do not suffer from any allergies.

It is, thus, very important to have a clean bedroom and deep cleaning is the best way to get it done.

The kitchen

If there is one room in your home for which you should hire deep cleaning professionals, then it is the kitchen. As mentioned above, the kitchen is that one place that is nearly impossible to clean, especially due to the sticky oily layer that seems to cover every surface.

You can go down on your hands and knees and scrub away, you will be surprised at how little you got done in the last 4-5 hours you have been toiling away. Especially during the festive season, it makes more sense to spend time in other productive work, especially those that need your personal touch.

And that’s why – professional house cleaning services.

The bathrooms

Bathrooms are another set of space that need regular deep cleaning. The water, humidity, dust, dirt, etc. together make the bathrooms a hotbed of germs and microbes. Then, there are inexplicable areas that accumulate a maddening amount of dirt. From the spaces between the tiles to the areas near the drain cover, and from the difficult-to-reach area behind the washbasin to the impossible-to-reach space between the wall and the WC drainpipe, dark layers of grime tend to accumulate everywhere.

It can take a day or two to clean the bathroom properly by oneself and in most cases, even that does not yield results. The detergents, cleaning fluids, brushes and soaps that we get in the retail store are not adequate to tackle the slimy grime of bathrooms.

At the end, let’s simply say that there are reasons why home cleaning services are becoming popular. We are all short of time and have dozens of things to do in addition to wanting to keep a clean house. Which is why, when help is needed – whether the occasion be a festive one or an everyday event – professional house cleaning services are just a tap away.

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