Hear, Hear! The iOS App For All Your Urban Needs Is Finally Here!


Hola, iOS users! We’ve got some great news for you. The App Store just got a friendly neighbourhood service app, only for you! Yes, it’s true – Urban Company is now live on iOS (check us out here)!

You might think that Urban Company is just another app in a world of a million apps. Well, we won’t say you’re wrong, just that you’re slightly wrong. For you, we’re an app and a website. Like every other app, our ‘appy little mission is introducing new users to our marketplace of services, and a not-so little something else. Well, you see, we’re all about solving your urban needs in just a clap.

The trek to the Apple App Store was long, hard and a lot of fun, so much so that we’d all gotten used to the sight of sleep-deprived techies stumbling around office, still engrossed in their codes. As Sahil Chitkara, an Urban Company techie and an iOS user himself, said –

We always knew that iOS users are an integral part of our target audience, and our aim has been to construct not just an app, but an entire experience for them. Also, since a large percentage of our requests have come in from iOS users, this app was the logical step forward for us.

But all the effort has been worth it, as is apparent from the numbers. Things have already taken an upward swing, with our app trending on the App Store after its launch. If you still have doubts about our claims? Allow us to explain. Our 60+ services receive around 2,500 – 3,000 requests on a daily basis and the number goes higher during weekends. We had 80,000 downloads in August alone and have about 20,000 active professionals on its android platform across a wide variety of service categories right now. The numbers are just bound to get better. In other words, imagine an almost vertical line growth in the graphs and bigger slices of the market pie chart.


Why should you care? Well, we’re the first local services marketplace on iOS, so all those times when you needed a service and had to settle for a local technician? They’re all a thing of the past. Say hello to leading the lifestyle you’ve always wanted without compromising on your to-do lists!  As former Miss India, Kanishta Dhankar said,

I spend most of my time between shoots and traveling. Getting chores done is a real hassle, Urban Company’s app makes getting a service really easy. I’m glad it’s finally on iOS.

So, tell us what you need. Go on, we’re right there, at the top, in your App Store. Talk to us!

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