Hair Highlights for Indian Skin | Ideas for Red Highlights


In this post you will learn:

  • Red hair color shades for hair highlights
  • A short style guide for red highlights (plus burgundy, magenta, and purple!)
  • How to choose red hair color shades for your skin tones



The possibilities with red hair highlights are endless, simply because the palette is wide, stretching from bright orangey coppers to muted purplish burgundies – and all shades of magenta, copper in between. Here some burgundy and red hair color shades that make for great hair highlights.

Shades to Try for Red Highlights

Bright Red Highlights aka Red Velvet

red highlights indian skin red velvet

These red highlights reflect everything that is good about red velvet, not least of all, the rich deep red color. The blue tones in this shade make it a perfect red hair color for warm skin tones. In case this looks a tad too red for your taste, you can always reduce the number of red highlights.

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Auburn Balayage

auburn red highlights indian skin

If you prefer a natural red hair color shade, then auburn highlights are something you should consider. On the hair color chart, you will find auburn at the cusp of red and brown hair color shade. It’s this trait that makes auburn highlights are especially compatible with brown hair color base. They also give flat hair a gentle lift.


Dark Red Highlights

So you want to become a redhead, but without looking too red. That’s a dilemma not unique to you alone; many women want a red hair color shade that sits perfectly centre of sublime and striking. And they often go with dark red highlights that contrast less with dark brown or black hair. The overall effect is bold but understated.


Burgundy Highlights

burgundy highlights indian skin

Elegance is the word that best defines burgundy highlights. They’re low-maintenance too since the burgundy balayage gently grow out into a soft ombre.


Magenta Highlights

magenta burgundy highlights indian skin

There are many takers for burgundy’s balance of blue and red tones. Magenta is burgundy’s brighter and funkier cousin. Depending on how dramatic you want your hair to look, you can opt for chunky magenta highlights or slivers of magenta ribbon babylights.


Merlot Red Highlights

merlot red highlights indian skin

For those who want a hair color that’s redder than burgundy can try another wine-inspired hair color – Merlot. Merlot is deep, warm red hair color shade that adds depth to dark hair. It’s a great pick for cool skin tones, especially when paired with mahogany hair color. If you want this shade to fly solo, opt for a red ombre. 


Deep Plum Red Highlights

Because plum hair color is barely visible on black hair, you should go with a style that dyes a larger section of your hair plum red. Plum hair looks glorious in the sunlight, and understatedly beautiful indoors.


Copper Red Highlights

copper red highlights indian skin

There are many variations of copper hair color on offer, some more red, some with a bit more brown. The redder you go, the orange hues increase the brightness and warmth.  Copper red is a high-maintenance color which means constant touch-ups to maintain the look. A burgundy and copper red color melt will incorporate your natural hair a part of the look as it grows.



Red Highlights Style Guide – We’ve Thrown in Burgundy, Purple & More!

From babylights to color melts and everything in between, here are some popular hair color trends to try on, using your favourite hair color shade.

Chunky Red Streaks

It doesn’t get edgier than bold red stripes on a black hair base! It’s also quite a task to maintain the color, as well as the quality of your hair. Do discuss aftercare tips with your stylist, and ways to maintain this look once the color fades.


Violet Babylights

violet babylights burgundy highlights

If dazzling red hair streaks aren’t your style, you could always try a smokey violet balayage that mingles with your dark hair without creating high contrast. It’s not as bright as it looks but dazzles just the same.


Bright Red Highlights Peek-a-Boo Style

Bright Red Highlights Peek a Boo Style

There are so many ways to show-off peekaboo red highlights; you can leave your hair open, and all one will see are slivers of red peeping through a curtain of dark hair. Or you could tie a Chinese bun on the top to reveal the layer of bright red highlights below.


Dark Cherry Red Hair with Bright-Pink Ombre

Dark Cherry Red Hair with Bright Pink Ombre

There are two things we absolutely love about this ombre hairstyle: one, how the dark cherry and bright pink enhance each other’s pink tones. And two, the smooth transition between the two hair color shades. This is a good cheat code when going for an ombre style – pick a natural color as a base shade so that the transformation is smooth as the hair grows out.


Copper Red Sunset Melt

The beauty about this copper and golden blonde color melt is that as the blonde hair color reduces with every hair trim, it will gently give way to a copper ombre. This, in turn, gives way to your natural dark brown or black hair. Just like the setting sun turning into the night!


Last Words on Red Highlights

Just like blonde highlights, red highlights also need a base of bleached hair. Hair bleach can have damaging effects on your hair, like breakage, split ends, and dryness. To save your hair from the damage you will have to religiously follow a hair care routine, go for regular hair spas, and use hair masks. These steps will ensure that your hair remains healthy, and your red hair color lasts longer.  

For more details, read our post on the do’s and don’ts of hair bleach.