Hair Highlights Color Ideas for Indian Hair (+15 Gorgeous Pics for Inspo)



‘Hair highlight colours’, a much-searched term by anyone looking for a makeover. Some would like a subtle change, while others would want a drastic do over.  But of course, there’s the initial confusion over whether to go vibrant or do something natural, which hair color highlights you want, which colour highlights would actually suit your skin tone and hair, should you go with a balayage, babylights, or lowlights etc. In case you wouldn’t want the hair stylist to make all the decisions for you, right, we’ve put together this highlights look-book to help you with some ideas.

In this post, you will learn about:

  • The difference between hair color highlights, lowlights, balayage, ombre, and babylights
  • Ideas for vibrant hair highlight colors
  • Ideas for natural hair highlight colors
  • Some leading Hair color Brands
  • What’s the price of getting hair color highlights
  • What are some of the best highlight colours for dark hair

But before we get to any of that, you will need a brief refresher on the types of hair highlight colors.  

Types of Hair Highlights Colors

Temporary Hair Color

Temporary hair color does not penetrate deep into the hair shaft and works only on the outermost layer of the hair. It washes away in one or two shampoo hair washes. Temporary hair color highlights are great for theme parties and other similar occasions.

Semi-permanent Hair Color

Semi-permanent hair color lasts for about 4-6 hair washes. As it contains no ammonia, it’s perfect for when you want to try out a new hair highlight shade.

Permanent Hair Color

With proper care, Permanent hair color can last till new hair emerges. Permanent hair highlights are able to last long as ammonia and an oxidizer is mixed with the coloring agent. However, we suggest opting for permanent hair color highlights only when you are sure about your choice of color.


Need help selecting the perfect shade for Indian hair and skin? Read our post the HAIR COLOR CHART for Indian women.


Difference Between Hair Highlights and Streaks

  1. Hair highlights are sleek and use thin strands of hair while streaks are bold and use thicker sections of hair.
  2. Highlights are done using shades that match your original hair, while streaks use colors that stand out.
  3. Hair colour highlights are closely spaced, while streaks have larger space between them to make them look striking.


5 Popular Hair Color Highlight Techniques


In this technique, hair strands are colored using shades that are darker than your original hair shade. This technique is in contrast to traditional highlights where a lighter shade than the original is used. Lowlights work wonderfully on blonde hair shades and add depth and dimension to your hair color look. Indian women can try mahogany or burgundy lowlights on dark hair to the same effect


These are delicate highlights, created using very fine strands of hair to give a natural, subtle but beautiful results. The head is divided into extremely small sections and each part is colored with the highlight shade, so  that they can mimic the natural look of a baby’s head, hence the name.


This technique works towards creating a gradient, gradually shifting from a dark hair color at the roots to a lighter shade at the tips, using a middle colour at the hair length as a transition shade.


While streaks stand out, balayage style highlights are a lot more natural in its appearance. In this hair color style, the colorist hand paints the highlights in a casual way to add depth and dimension to otherwise flat hair.  Balayage involves the use of three or more hair colors .


This hair color style uses two hair colors to create a stark, bold effect. Dip dyed hair has a dark hair color at the roots and a light shade at the roots. What makes it different from the ombre shade is that there is no middle hair color shade to create a smooth transition.


LÓreal has some interesting  shades to try as highlights. Go through our list of LÓREAL HIGHLIGHTS COLORS to try.

Best Highlight Colors for Dark Hair ( With Pictures)

We have compiled 15 gorgeous pictures that will give you all the hair highlights color inspiration that you need!

Vivid Hair Color Styles

If you’re looking to change your hair drastically and make people look up, these pop-colored hair highlight ideas will certainly give you #haircolorgoals.

Peacock green dip-dye hair colour highlights

Perfect to make a personal statement, this green will make everyone go green with envy!



Dark blue balayage hair color highlights

This look is perfect for straight hair and looks stunning on shorter hair.



Carrot-orange dip dye hair colour highlights

This look is perfect for blonde and black hair alike. It is magic when paired with a little bit of kohl around the eyes!



Icy-grey ombre highlights

These soft, starry babylights are perfect to look at and easier to wear on long black hair.



Blue Ombre hair color style

These shocking blue highlights with turquoise insertions make a bold and beautiful statement.


Yellow ombre hair color highlights

This unusual color is different yet alluring and perfect to make a statement.

Yellow Ombre Hair Highlights


Pastel pink lowlights

This color is perfect for blonde hair color tones, and can also be used to make a bolder statement on darker shades of hair.



Purple balayage highlights

With a color that is royal and beautiful, this look is perfect for darker hair shades like black .

Purple Balayage highlights


Have you seen Garnier’s list of interesting hair shades?  Go through our list of GARNIER HIGHLIGHTS COLORS to try.


Natural Toned Hair Color Styles

These hair color highlight ideas are subtle and beautiful. They will lend the perfect finishing touch to your look. Read on to know how to add some character and definition to your hair style.

Brunette babylights

This subtle cream and brown hair color shade with soft-gold shimmering on the edges is what hair-color dreams are made of!

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Soft Red Balayage highlights

This luminescent red with shades of pink is perfect for people that want to make a statement but don’t want to go over the top.

soft red balayage highlights


Brunette-blonde balayage highlights look

Playing around with tones of brown, blonde and gold, this look is drop-dead gorgeous.

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Burgundy Babylights

These subtle burgundy color highlights or babylights look perfect on darker shades of hair. This burgundy hair colour shade is a great pick for lowlights too. 

(Courtesy– )


Need some more burgundy inspiration? Browse through our post on 13 BURGUNDY HAIR COLOR SHADES for Indian skin tones.


Burgundy Balayage look

This look plays with the two most common hair color shades – black and burgundy, but manages to be an absolute stunner in the end.



Blonde Ombre hair color style

This look is perfect for people that want to change their hair color style, but don’t want to experiment with shocking colors.

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Light-brown Lowlights

These light brown lowlights provide a perfect dimension to the original hairstyle and add look absolutely beautiful.

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Leading Hair Color Brands

The best professional hair color brands that are used in salons across India are as follows:

  1. L’Oreal Professional and at-home hair color range
  2. Schwarzkopf professional hair color range which is used in most leading salons globally
  3. Garnier hair color range works best for at-home hair coloring
  4. BBlunt
  5. Juice
  6. Revlon


Final words of advice: Hair highlighting can be a bit confusing so research properly and then decide the best color for you from the hair color chart for Indian skin to suit your skin tone. Keep your personal needs and style in mind, and, of course, don’t forget to have a little fun while you’re at it!


Last Words on Hair Color Highlights for Dark Hair

The word ‘hair colour’ does come with its own set of doubts and questions. We’ve tried answering a few of those.

#1. Do highlights damage your hair?

Hair highlighting uses ammonia and oxidation agents which can be harmful to your hair if proper care is not followed. When you get your hair colored, use hair products meant for color-treated hair only. So, your shampoo and conditioner will have to change. Second, use hair serum to protect your hair against UV rays and discoloration.

#2. What is the difference between highlights and lowlights?

Lowlights involve colouring strands of the hair using a shade that is darker than your natural hair color. Highlights on the other hand are of a color that is lighter than your natural hair color. Since it’s hard to try dark shades on black to dark brown hair, berry red and deep auburn ‘lowlights’ are a popular choice for dark hair.

#3. How much does it cost to get highlights in your hair?

Hair highlights can cost anywhere between Rs 3,000 and Rs 10,000 in India. There are several factors that decide the cost – the salon (big brand or local), the hair length, the hair colors use,  and the hair highlight technique used.

#4. How long do highlights last in your hair?

Different types of hair highlights last for different time periods. Permanent highlights can last last till the time new growth emerges , semi-permanent last for 4-7 shampoo washes, and temporary hair highlights last for about 2-3 shampoo washes.

Since hair colour causes a fair amount of damage, be sure to apply a natural HAIR MASK FOR COLOURED HAIR once a week.