Glam Winter Makeup Ideas To Follow In 2018


Winter is coming. Not really, but it has actually set in and that too, with all its might. Do not let the chill around you be the reason to bring out the inner sloppy. Winters are all about warm earthy tones such as reds, maroons and browns. Utilise them in your makeup and look like a dream this season. Kick start 2018 with a bang by updating your makeup looks to suit the coming months that make North India a winter wonderland it is.

Top 6 Makeup Ideas For Winters

1.      Playing With Those Lips

Channel your inner diva and make a statement by upping your lip color game a few notches. Autumn and winter seasons call for bright and dark shades such as crimson, burgundy, deep plum, cranberry and blush. These dark shades give a stunningly graceful yet chic look. A major advantage of dark lips is that if you keep your lips bold, all other elements of your face are sorted.

Get the look: Keep the overall look clean by lining your eyes with a simple black eyeliner and kohl. Add a volumizing mascara and you will be aces in everyone’s book.

Pro tip: A metallic touch to these darker shades also looks ravishing.


2.      Charcoal Eyes

The smokey eye is the go-to signature look for most makeup lovers and professional makeup artists alike. It is a no-nonsense look that will render a hint of naughty mystery to your face.

Get the look:Opt for smudged charcoal black eyes with some sheen placed on top of them to welcome the season in all its glory.

Pro tip: Smokey eyes are a fan favorite but are a tough nut to crack. Watch this video to get it right.



3.      Rosy Cheeks

Flatter your face by putting some rosiness on your cheeks to define your cheekbones better. The hint of blush will add a certain warmth to your overall appearance and will look absolutely gorgeous. It also awakens your face and takes care of that gloomy, washed up look that you might have because of the chill. Make sure that the blush you apply looks natural and not overly done.

Pro tip: Ensure the blush shade matches with your skin tone. There is nothing more disastrous than wearing makeup that looks mismatched and out of place.


4.      Glitz And Glam Eyes

Eyes are the windows to your soul so why not deck them up like a pro for a total winter glam makeover? Shimmery eyes are one of the top style trends that you should look out for in 2018. Gold, copper and other metallic shades such as deep purple, and grey for both eyeliner and eye shadow are our personal favorites this winter. These shades set a celebratory mood while avoiding the over the top mess.

Pro tip: When done well, you can totally nail the smolderingly sassy yet subtly sophisticated look.


5.      Glow All Over


Party Makeup Artist

Highlighter is one of the most important cosmetics in one’s makeup kit. Ask any professional artist about the pros of this miracle worker and they won’t be able to stop the praises. Go ahead and give your face a fine glow this winter season with a touch of highlighter. Winter calls for extra moisturising because your skin tends to flake out even more in the chill.

Get the look: Mix your primer with a moisturiser and apply all over your face. Follow this up with putting a little highlighter on your cheekbones, chin and the bridge of your nose for a more streamlined look.

Pro tip: Opt for a luminous primer to get a dewy look.


6.      Perky Brows

Over plucking your eyebrows is a thing of the past and quite frankly, a faux pas now. Celebrities, for example Keira Knightley, Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne, are great endorsers of the fuller brow for a much more natural look. Closer home, Deepika Padukone has rocked this look too. Naturally full eyebrows frame your face and give a nice definition to them. Eyebrows might not seem very important but they can make or break the overall appeal of your face. Big brows are not exactly a latest winter trend, but they are here to stay for times to come as the trend for all seasons.

Pro tip: Use the right shade of eyebrow pencil to heavily fill in your brows with great finesse for Insta-worthy eyebrows.

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