From Fat To Fit: How Aamir Khan Did It!


Amir khan fitness
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Aamir Khan is undoubtedly one of the most popular actors of the B-Town. The tremendous amount of hard work that Aamir Khan has put in, along with his perseverance, has resulted in his immense popularity. The actor is known for some amazing role portrayal in movies such as Dangal, 3 Idiots, Rang De Basanti, Lagaan, Ghajini and a never-ending list of movies.

One of the factors that earned Aamir Khan such a huge fan following and respect is his ability to transform his body over and over again for different roles. His first shot at a spectacular barrel-chested and psyched out body was back in 2008 for the movie Ghajini.

Aamir Khan devoted 9 months to get into the shape that made it to the popular poster of the movie. The transformation and duration needed for the same took many by surprise. Some critics and even fans believed it was a one-off, but Aamir proved them wrong several times over. He got into shape again for different movies such as PK, Dhoom 3 and his most recent venture Dangal.

Aamir attributes his sculpted body to three basic aspects. Balanced and healthy eating followed by a routine workout and of course sufficient rest. If you too follow these three mantras, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to achieve a physique like Aamir Khan’s.

1. Diet

diet plan

If you are one of those who feels that spending hours in the gym is going to transform your body overnight, well you are in for a surprise. Aamir prefers having smaller and regular meals. He likes to have meals with lower carbohydrates so as to keep himself healthy and fit. Post the movie Ghajini he had confessed in his blog that a balanced healthy diet, along with his disciplined life, led to the physique. The following are the details of his regular diet plan:

  • He follows a simple diet plan comprising 1/3 fat, 1/3 carbohydrate and 1/3 protein.
  • His diet includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian healthy food items.
  • He prefers smaller meals rather than eating a bunch of stuff at once.
  • Usually, he has six small meals in a day instead of a large one.
  • During Ghajini, there was a time he used to eat every 30 minutes.

(This kind of food habit increases your metabolism rate which is essential for staying fit.)

  • To maintain his energy levels, Aamir has an apple or a banana before his workouts.
  • He prefers food cooked in olive oil but only 3 tbsp of it.
  • His regular snacks include biscuits, papaya and sandwiches made out of brown bread.
  • He prefers chapattis made out of wheat, bajra and jowar flours.
  • To maintain high protein intake, he likes to have tandoori chicken or 4 eggs for his dinner.
  • Vegetables and fresh fruits make it to the top of his diet chart.
  • He usually avoids dairy products unless it is buttermilk.
  • He consumes lime water between his workouts to maintain his energy level.Lime water also reduces chances of soreness and stiffness in muscles
  • Aamir makes sure he consumes a lot of water on a daily basis.
  • He avoids intake of carb in any form post 8 PM.

Once you have chalked out a good diet plan and start following it regularly, it is time to build those muscles. Let’s see how Aamir did it.

2. Workout

Aamir khan fitness routine
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During his training, Aamir included stretching before his workout and cool down exercises post it. Stretching warms up your muscles and joints and reduces chances of injury or fatigue. The following is the entire list of exercises that Aamir does on a regular basis unless he is preparing to gain weight for a role (example Mahavir Phogat in the movie Dangal).

Aamir allots different days for different exercises. This allows him to focus on one aspect on a given day. You can also try this as this method will help you get your entire body in shape.

  • Chest Exercises
    Aamir khan doing exercise
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Mondays are for all chest-related exercises and followed as per the below sequence:

  1. Dumbbell Pullover
  2. Inclined Dumbbell Press
  3. Bench Press
  4. Decline Press
  5. Dumbbell Fry
  • Shoulder Exercises
aamir khan performing exercise
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He does shoulder-related exercises on Tuesdays which include:

  1. Upright Row
  2. Shoulder Press
  3. Military Press
  4. Bent Over Lateral Press
  5. Front Shoulder Press
  6. Sheet Dumbbell Press
  • Back Exercises
Aamir khan doing back exercise
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Aamir dedicates his Wednesday’s to back exercises. Carrying out proper exercises for the back strengthens it and allows you to push your body to the limits.

  1. Deadlifts
  2. T-Bar Row
  3. Lat Pull Down Front
  4. Seated Cable Row
  5. One Arm Dumbbell Row
  6. Fronted Chin up

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  • Bicep Exercises
Aamir khan doing exercise
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He focuses on his biceps on Thursdays. The following are the set of exercises that he carries out.

  1. Reverse Curl
  2. Concentration Curl
  3. Barbell Curl
  4. Dumbbell Curl
  5. Wrist Curl
  6. Preacher Curl
  • Triceps Exercises

Even though they might seem to be a small part, triceps require a lot of workouts. They enhance the entire physique subtly and especially support the biceps. On Fridays, Aamir specifically focuses on his triceps.

  1. Dips Behind the Back
  2. Dumbbell Kickbacks
  3. Rope Pull Down
  4. Short Grip Triceps Press
  5. Cable Lying Triceps Extension
  • Leg Exercises
Aamir khan working out
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In order to burn additional fats that have accumulated in your body, leg workouts play a major role. Leg muscles being one of the largest in the body, allow for easier transition. Aamir does all leg-related exercises on Saturdays which include-.

  1. Squat
  2. Leg Extension
  3. Leg Curl
  4. Lunges
  5. Seated Toe Rise for Calf Muscles
  6. Leg Press
  • Abs Exercises

In order to get those amazing 8 pack abs for Ghajini and other movies post that, Aamir devoted an entire day for the same. He usually focuses on his abs on Sundays by carrying out the following exercises.

  1. Seated Knee Up
  2. Dumbbell Side Bends
  3. Decline Crunches
  4. Hanging Leg Rise
  5. Crossover Crunches

He does most of the above exercises in sets of 4. Each set comprising 10-15 repetitions. If you wish to do the same, it is advisable to start with lower sets and repetitions and keep increasing them as you gain confidence. Having a trainer beside you also plays a vital role, as you get proper guidance and motivation both at the same time. Which is why we recommend you hire a personal fitness trainer from Urban Company.

3. Rest

man sleeping

Give your body enough rest. This might seem like one of the lamest advice one can possibly give you but in reality, most of us are unable to do this exact thing. Rest becomes even more crucial when you are involved in intense workouts. You might have started with a proper diet plan, followed by regular exercises with high intensity and pace, but if you do not take rest properly, it’ll all be in vain. Aamir made it a point to rest for at least 8 hours a day. When you rest, you give your muscles time to relax. It is during rest that your body recovers energy and repairs any damage to tissues or other body parts.

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Understand Your Body Type

The diet and workout plan mentioned above worked excellently for Aamir. It doesn’t necessarily mean the same will work for you as well. Each of us has different body types, strengths and weakness. It is essential that you understand your body type before you jump to any conclusions. Taking help of experts such as a dietician or a trainer will help you go a long way.

Of course, you can do it on your own but taking help from such experts will help you reach your goals faster. Transforming your body takes time. One needs to stay motivated and keep pushing hard even when the odds are against you. That is when you understand your true potential and push yourself to the very limits.