False Ceiling Designs for Drawing Rooms: 6 Unique Styles You Need to See


False ceiling designs for drawing rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens, have become so commonplace nowadays, that the designs are only getting bigger, bolder and more beautiful.  We give you 6 of these extraordinary styles.
(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on false ceilings in India.)

The ceiling is no longer an ignored element of the room that is simply whitewashed and then forgotten. And if you’ve arrived here, you too realise the importance of beautifying this fifth wall. So, let’s look at the 6 stunning and jaw-dropping designs we’re raving about. We bet you will love the intricacies and detailing of each.

1. Eclectic POP False Ceiling Design

This eclectic false ceiling design catches your eye.

One look at this luxurious living room and you can tell that no stone has been left unturned to design or furnish it — whether it’s the flooring, the furniture, the materials used or… the drop ceiling. The intricate POP false ceiling design has an eclectic yet uniform pattern that gives an impression that the roof is sloped (even though it isn’t). Recessed lights are also fixed in a neat manner, and together with the pendant lamps, the entire look comes together elegantly. This is a great pick if you want something offbeat yet not over-the-top.

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2. Wooden False Ceiling Design

Interior Design by Studio Course

This minimal and rustic Pune apartment gets a grand finish with a wooden false ceiling. The best part is that while the wooden texture adds warmth to the drawing room, the clean and smooth tone of the ceiling gives the room a contemporary feel as well. Having a ceiling like this means that you have to keep the rest of the room neutral and muted — as can be seen with the walls, floor and simple yet functional furniture. It’s a beautiful blend of the rustic and the contemporary.

3. Modern False Ceiling Design With Lighting

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional VH Designs Studio

Do you know what those elements are in the ceiling of this Mumbai apartment? They’re lighting domes! This false ceiling has a hollowed square section, in which 36 lighting domes have been fixed. The bold design is certainly the most eye-catching part of this hall, which serves the dual purpose of design and functionality (you don’t need to worry about ample lighting ever again).

4. One-of-a-Kind Rope False Ceiling Design

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Ogling Inches Design Architects

What is that, you wonder? Well, the designers for this project simply (yet not so simply) weaved together braided ropes and fixed them closer to the ceiling. This brilliant and innovative design grabs your attention and is so magnanimous in its look that the interiors have been kept soft and classy with pastel walls, clean upholstery and wooden furniture.

5. Dropped Wooden Panel False Ceiling Design

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Kumar Moorthy & Associates

The brief for the design of this villa was that it reflects the inhabitant’s cultural roots. They wanted it to infuse cultural and architectural elements from the south of India and evoke a feeling of a rustic home. So, Kumar Moorthy & Associates designed it keeping this in mind, and did not forget to involve the ceilings too in the plan.

6. Tray False Ceiling Design with a Mirrored Centre

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Rohit Interiors

The stark white iinteriors of this room get a stark yet brilliant contrast from the darker false ceiling. It binds the living room together and stands out as an eye-catching feature too. What we particularly love though is the mirror base in the centre that adds drama and blends with the reflective elements infused into the rest of the room.

Aren’t these designs just stellar? If you would love get a false ceiling design on similar lines for your drawing room, speak to your interior designer to work out the best option. Because no matter what the final choice, it should suit your design sensibilities as well as that of your home.

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