False Ceiling Designs for Bedrooms: 9 Ideas You Will Love

If you’re exploring false ceiling designs for bedrooms at this very moment, you’re probably doing so for either of the following reasons: It’s an aesthetic call ...

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Image: Courtesy My Austin Elite

If you’re exploring false ceiling designs for bedrooms at this very moment, you’re probably doing so for either of the following reasons:

  • It’s an aesthetic call and you just want to beautify your ceiling.
  • You want to hide particular flaws or conceal some wiring up there.
  • Maybe the height of your room is more than what you would prefer, and you want the false ceiling — or what is also known as a drop ceiling or a down ceiling — to level it altogether.
  • You want to make your home quieter and reduce the noise.

Whatever the reason, if you’ve decided to get a down ceiling for your bedroom, you’d might as well have something pretty to look at. After all, lying on your bed should have its benefits, besides just getting to rest your tired body.

So, we did some hunting for you and put together 9 stunning ideas for modern false ceiling designs for your bedroom. All you have to do is find your favourite and then hire a contractor or interior designer to have it installed asap!

(This is a chapter of a bigger guide on false ceilings in India.)

1. Layered Tray

If your style is elegant, go for this architectural design that is charming and sophisticated, yet unpretentious in its form. Perfect for a simple bedroom design like this! Tray ceilings are basically recessed ceilings, or look like inverted trays, with lower outer edges. This particular false ceiling though has a ‘layered’ tray design, which brings visual interest to the bedroom. It is also a perfect platform for including an eye-catching chandelier.

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2. Simple & Coved (Good for a Small Bedroom!)

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Real Paradise Group

If you want to keep it basic, take a look at this simple false ceiling design which covers the length and breadth of the bedroom. A cove false ceiling like this accommodates lighting through recessed lights along the edges and through LED strips inside the cove. But you know what’s most interesting? Inserting a pattern formed by multiple plywood rings into a corner of the cove for a decorative touch.

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3. Wooden Planks

Do you like wooden flooring? If yes, then you might also like the idea of wooden beams fixed to your false ceiling. These add warmth to your bedroom and give it a rustic charm, just like they do in this room. If it’s out of your budget to go for real wood, you can opt for faux wood too.

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Narayan Moorthy

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4. With a Fan

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Monnaie Architects

Yes, with a fan! Just ensure that the ceiling is strong, has extra support brackets to hold the fan tight, and that all the fastenings are tightened.

This bedroom has a rectangular wooden slab with a fan fixed to the centre of a recessed ceiling. The latter is further accentuated with wooden panels with curved designs. Such a false ceiling design blends in well with a traditional-themed bedroom like this one.

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5. Coffered

Here’s another way to add architectural interest to your bedroom. Bonus: It makes the room look cosy! Coffered ceilings are essentially criss-crossing beams that form a grid-like pattern. In fact, these are very versatile as they can be made of gypsum, POP (Plaster of Paris) and even wood. In the design above, you can see how the beams add weight to the ceiling and take your attention upwards. This is an especially great false ceiling design for your master bedroom!

The slimmer beams in the photo above are not too heavy on the ceiling and balance out the other bold elements in the bedroom. A chandelier hangs from one of the beams, but you can also opt for it to be installed on the inside surface, like in the previous picture. Or you can strategically place recessed lights.

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6. Extended Panel

If you’re not content with the design getting restricted to your ceiling, you can opt for this false ceiling style. As broad as your bed, it begins on the wall behind it, and extends all the way up to the ceiling or atleast a part of it. In the picture above, a coloured and patterned wallpaper is attached to the false ceiling material, which is further given a neat finish using golden trims.

While in this image, the homeowners have covered a wall-to-ceiling alcove with a lighter botanical wallpaper, giving the bedroom a dreamy effect. Similarly, you could use interesting, quirky and colourful wallpapers, especially for a child’s bedroom.

7. Circular

Here’s another artistic style. A circular shape cut out from the false ceiling not only makes for an ideal place to fix your fan or chandelier, but also puts the focus on both the ceiling and your bed. While this is a minimal look, you can also opt for multiple circles cut out from the ceiling and install a recessed light in each. The effect will be spectacular!

And, of course, you can improvise and go for different shapes like a square, oval, rectangular, etc!

8. Floating Island

If you want to highlight an area — like your bed — a floating island works brilliantly. It’s floating because it’s suspended from the ceiling with a gap between the two. And it’s an island because it is placed independently to bring focus on a subject below.

9. Modern, Detailed & Expansive

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Yogendra Garg

Yes, you can marry different styles in just one bedroom, and these are the latest designs in homes nowadays! Two larger portions of this false ceiling are simple, straightforward designs with tiny recessed lights. However, they have between them a wooden section that is a few inches higher and that highlights the bed and the area in front of it. Additionally, parallel gypsum planks are placed horizontally at the extreme end for an ornamental appeal.

Now that you’ve seen some of the best false ceiling designs for bedrooms, which one are you planning to go for? Let us know in the comments below.

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