Eye Makeup for Small Eyes: Video & Step-by Step Process Included!

  Eyes are perhaps one of the most attractive features. A person looking at you notices your eyes first. It is, therefore, important that your eyes stand out. But ...

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how to make small eyes look bigger


Eyes are perhaps one of the most attractive features. A person looking at you notices your eyes first. It is, therefore, important that your eyes stand out. But this becomes a tad bit difficult if you have small eyes. In such cases, it becomes important to know how to do eye makeup for small eyes to make them look bigger. But that’s not all. Knowing which type of eyeshadow and eyeliners to use is equally important. So, let us help you with all of that in this post. Just follow the eye makeup steps and tips listed below and you are all set.

In this post, we will cover:

  1. Eye makeup tips for small eyes
  2. How to do eye makeup for small eyes to make them look bigger (Video)
  3. Step-by-step process for doing eye makeup for small eyes


Eye makeup tips for small eyes

Here are some very useful eye makeup tips that will make your eyes seem larger and will also help you hide the dark circles:

  • Arched eyebrows: Begin with the eyebrows. The next time you go to the salon to get your eyebrows shaped, ask the beautician to give it an arched shape. In the case of small eyes, arched brows give the illusion of larger eyes. Even if you have small eyes, you will look more alert and bright-eyed when the brows are arched.
  • Light color kohl pencil: This is a great eye makeup tip to make your gorgeous eyes look wider and more in-focus. Just apply a light-colored kohl pencil on your waterline, extending from the inner corners of your eyes to the outer ones. Avoid black kajal on your waterline as it will make your eyes look smaller. This is an amazing trick that instantly makes you look wide-eyed and alert. You can use your regular eyeliner, eye shadow and other eye makeup essentials along with this.
  • Matte eyeshadow: When doing makeup to make your small eyes look huge, go for matte eyeshadow instead of shimmery or glitter one.

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  • Winged eyeliner: If you are wondering which eyeliner style for small eyes is right, the answer is winged. Apart from making your eyes look super stylish, winged eyeliners also work to make them look bigger. This is simply because the aesthetic appeal of the winger liner takes the focus away from the size of the eyes and also from any dark circles underneath. If your eyeliner is winged, a person looking at you will only focus on that and nothing else!
  • Curled eyelashes: This is a basic eye makeup tip but is often overlooked by many women. If you want your eyes to look bigger, curl your eyelashes before you apply your mascara. The eyes will look more open and will have a well-defined shape. So do keep this handy eye makeup tip in mind the next time you start getting ready for the day. In fact to ensure your mascara doesn’t become clumpy, apply some vaseline on your eyelashes first and then the mascara. Another trick you can try when applying mascara for small eyes is to apply it only on your tips and not your roots. This too gives the illusion of big eyes.
  • Highlighters: If you ask anyone for eye makeup tips for small eyes with dark circles and you will get a lot of tips related to the concealer. However, using only a concealer does work well to hide dark circles. The real magic happens when you use a highlighter and not just a concealer. So what you need to do is apply your concealer as you usually do. After that, apply a good-quality highlighter gently on the concealer. This is a simple step yet it goes a long way in effectively hiding your dark circles.
  • Sun protection: While you can apply the concealer to hide your dark circles, it will only act as a temporary solution. Try to up your game and find a permanent solution. One of the main reasons for dark circles is sun exposure. The facial skin, especially the area under your eyes, is sensitive to the rays of the sun and gets tanned quickly. This makes your dark circles more prominent. So make sure you apply a generous layer of sunscreen before you start putting your makeup on. This will keep your skin protected and may gradually take care of the dark circle problem altogether.

How to Do Eye Makeup for Small Eyes to Make Them Look Bigger – Video


Courtesy: Makeup artist Claire Ashley

Step-by-step Process for Doing Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

Here is a step-by-step process of doing simple eye makeup for small eyes.

1. Start with a light base colour as eye shadow to brighten up your eyes. Pack your eyelid with a creamy white shade down to your inner corners. Do not hold back on this step as this will help your eyes look larger especially because it’s a matte shade. Make sure that the eyeshadow makeup you apply matches your outfit.

2. Use a light color eye pencil on your water line. A white or skin tone shade will be great as they really help open the eyes. They automatically make your eyes look bigger and rounder. Note, whenever you apply dark shades on your waterline, it closes your eyes making them look smaller.

3. Redefine the eyes using a deep brown shade on the outer portions of the eyes. It will give depth. Extend this shade and apply it under the eyes as well. This is a crucial step as it will give the illusion that your eyes go that far down, making them bigger.

4. Blend the shades well. The absolute essential to getting your eye makeup right is knowing how to blend eye shadows correctly.

5. Create a wing using a gel eyeliner. Keep it close to the upper lash line.

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6. Apply a volumizing mascara before putting on your fake eyelashes.


Small Eyes Makeup Before and After


small eye makeup before and after


In a nutshell
So as you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, there are many ways in which you can make your small eyes look bigger. You can also make dark circles disappear using eye makeup. Keep these super handy eye makeup tips in mind and you will never have to worry about your eyes looking small and tired.

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