Everything You Need to Know About Terrazzo Floor for Indian Homes

  “Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” —William Morris. So, what if we say that we know ...

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“Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

—William Morris.

So, what if we say that we know of a floor material that is both useful and beautiful? You don’t believe us? Well, you will, shortly. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz in the market about how terrazzo flooring is the most up and coming trend that is well on its way to topple marble from its throne.

Which is why we are trying to figure out why the material is so popular in today’s times. Homes are a labour of love, which is why the look and feel of your home requires a lot of consideration on your end. 

What is Terrazzo?

To put it simply, terrazzo is a material used for walls and floors, that consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass and other such elements. 

It looks beautiful and has a luxurious feel that makes it instantly change the look of a room. In recent years, it is being extensively used in home design as a more alluring alternative to marble or granite.

Image via House Beautiful

 History 101: Where does it come from?

Terrazzo has a rich history that dates back to over five hundred years. It is believed to have been invented in Venice during the 15th century. Back in the day, it was made of scraps of marble mixed with concrete. However, recent years have witnessed other materials such as quartz, granite and agate replace concrete.

Initially people used it as a low-cost flooring option but over the years, the evolution of terrazzo flooring has been quite interesting. The latest epoxy-based terrazzo gained momentum around the mid-1960s. It allowed for greater experimentation in design and composition of materials while needing less binder. 

modern flooring
Image via Realtor.com

With time, the pricing of terrazzo has changed. People now extensively use it as an expensive flooring option.

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How is terrazzo made?

The process for making terrazzo is fairly simple. Granite or marble chips are laid out in any pattern of choice on a surface. One just has to pour concrete over that surface and smoothen it out for the final finish. 

Many use this method to design their kitchen tops and shelves, as well as bathroom tops. The material is highly customizable and one can experiment with random shapes and designs. The colour options are multiple, and quite frankly, overwhelming at times.

colourful terrazzo
Image via My Cozy Home

Types of Terrazzo Flooring

There is no one specific type of terrazzo. Here are a few popular variations of this pattern. 

Epoxy Terrazzo

Epoxy is one of the more popular types of terrazzo. To make it, one must place a thick resin matrix veneer on a level concrete slab. It is thin-set and extremely versatile. It is chemical resistant and is suitable for both flooring and counter installations. 

epoxy terrazzo
Via World Concrete Solutions

Rustic Terrazzo 

Quite similar to epoxy terrazzo, rustic terrazzo differs in its look and design. It has a smooth surface but has a slightly rough exterior that adds friction and gives it a rustic feel. Its texture makes it perfect for outdoor use. 

rustic terrazzo
Image via Stone Contact

Sand Cushion Terrazzo

This type of terrazzo is used primarily for flooring. It is usually made up of wire meshes or reinforcing, isolation sheets and layers of sand. It is definitely versatile and is used for incorporating a logo or any specific design on the surface since there is no mirroring. 

sand cushioned
Image via NTMA

What’s so great about terrazzo flooring?

As a homeowner, you want to install the most durable and stylish material in your home. Often, there is a compromise involved in this decision. Some like to go for a material that looks incredible but isn’t too durable, while others like to invest in something that would last for years.

The best part about terrazzo is that you can have both! Terrazzo is one of those super durable materials that can last up to hundreds of years and still not lose its shine when polished well. 

Besides being dependable, it has a sleek look that makes it extremely attractive. Kings and queens historically used this material because of how it effortlessly exudes a rich and luxurious feel.  

versatile flooring
Image via Archiproducts

The versatility of the material is another noteworthy feature of it. You can install it anywhere, be it your bathroom, your kitchen, or even your bedroom. Glass, marble and a variety of other materials used in terrazzo render it with a dazzling sparkle that automatically lifts the look of a room.

Another brilliant feature of terrazzo is its low maintenance nature. Just a simple polish and it will be shining brighter than any diamond. This feature makes it ideal for installation in kitchens and washrooms. 

 Any disadvantages of terrazzo flooring?

It’s quite literally the perfect material, so we don’t have much criticism against it. Having said that, affordability is a considerable concern since the material is definitely on the pricier side. 

However, if you choose to look at the durability and low maintenance nature of terrazzo flooring, it definitely proves to be a great return for your investment. 

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Installation and pricing of terrazzo in India

A simple Google search on terrazzo flooring manufacturers in India would reveal several results for you to choose from. The pricing of terrazzo flooring varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

If you wish to look at options online, you can visit IndiaMart and explore the different options that are listed on the E-commerce website. A preliminary search would reveal that prices start from as low as Rs 35/sq ft and can range to well over Rs 1000/sq ft. The pricing depends on the variant of terrazzo that you wish to opt for. 

When it comes to installation, most manufacturers provide installation at reasonable rates. It is advisable to research installation rates of different manufacturers and then go with the one that suits your budget. 

We have told you all that you need to know about terrazzo flooring. All things considered, it’s an incredible material and a pretty solid investment. So go try it out for your own home!


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