Does Laser hair Removal cause cancer? -Myth busted!

Does laser hair removal cause cancer?

In recent years, laser hair removal has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. And a few years ago, even I wanted to retire the waxing strips, razors and still enjoy the silky, smooth skin. Laser hair removal turned out to be the perfect solution, but I had a few concerns regarding its potential risks. And the biggest one was – “Does laser hair removal cause cancer?”

We all have heard about the harmful effects of excess sun exposure. The UV rays are known to have damaging effects on the skin. So, it was obvious to wonder, if the laser beams also had similar side effects? It was tough to blindly trust the technology. So, I did my own research to explore the possibility of laser hair removal causing cancer. And here is what I found.

Can laser hair removal cause cancer?

There have been a lot of stories about people getting cancer because of the harmful radiation from sunlight or other sources. It is believed that these harmful wavelengths can penetrate deep into the skin. Some wavelengths of X rays and CT scans reach up to your internal organs to take their images. Prolonged exposure to such harmful radiation can damage the DNA of cells, and cause cancer. However, this is not true for laser beams used for hair reduction. 

How is Laser Beam different from UV rays?

The sun emits a wide spectrum of radiation. The stronger ones, like UVA and UVB, have short wavelengths (100-400 nm) and hence, have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin. These high energy UV rays can alter the DNA structure of the skin cell, causing skin cancer.

On the other hand, laser beams used for hair removal have much longer wavelengths ( ~ 800 nm). They are mild and are incapable of penetrating through the skin to mutate the cells. In fact, laser beams are used in many medical procedures because they can be precisely targeted at specific cells.

Does laser hair removal cause cancer?

‘Laser hair removal causes skin cancer’ is a myth. The laser beams are incapable of penetrating through the skin and mutating the cells. 

  • No risk associated with penetration of radiations

We just read that laser beams are very different from harmful UV radiation. It does not have the power to penetrate deep into your skin. The laser beam is precisely focused on the hair follicles, and it does not reach the internal organs at all.

Urban Company offers FDA-approved, non-invasive at-home laser hair reduction that is safe. They use diode lasers that are highly effective. The diode lasers use a single, focused wavelength that can perfectly target the hair follicles. Also, they provide better results for people with warm and dark skin tones.  In addition to that, the ice-cool technology makes the entire experience painless. 

  • No risk of cell mutations

Mutation is the process of making genetic changes in a cell that can turn it cancerous too. Harmful UV radiation is known to cause such DNA mutations. However, the laser beams used for permanent hair removal do not emit such radiation. It uses a fine, concentrated beam of non-ionizing radiation that results in loss of hair growth.

Myth Busted: Laser hair removal cannot cause skin cancer 

If you are still skeptical about the possible side effects of laser hair reductions, read my first hand review of Urban Company Services. After reading about the safety protocols and the highly standardized machines used by Urban Company, you would be convinced that the process of laser hair removal is absolutely safe and beneficial for you. 

But you must avoid sun exposure after getting the laser therapy. The skin is tender after the treatment, and sun exposure can cause sunburns. But you needn’t worry about it if you are getting it done at home with Urban Company. You can book an appointment from the comfort of your home and a professionally trained aesthetician will be assigned to you. The entire process is seamless and you will have a professionally qualified team to take care of you at every step. The best part is, you need not step out of your home even once. 

Take Away

Research reveals that the use of lasers for hair reduction has no significant side effects. With the advancements in technology, lasers are being used not just for hair reduction but also for several other non-invasive surgeries. Only FDA approved laser beams are used in the processes as they are gentle on the skin. These radiations do not penetrate beyond the hair follicles. Hence, they do not cause cancer!


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