Did you know: eating more can help you lose more weight?


What’s the first change you make when you resolve to lose weight? Some people might try being more active- take the stairs, join the gym, or something else. But, most people automatically look at their diet. Unfortunately, most of the time, this involves going on crash diets, skipping meals, and generally looking for solutions that harm your health in the long run.

Besides, there’s only so many meals you can skip before you give in to the temptation of those hot, fried pakoras and, before you know it, you’ve gained more weight than when you first started out. There’s a reason why most diet charts designed by nutritionists do not feature less food. But don’t lose heart, there’s more than one way to design a diet plan for weight loss and, what’s more, it’s your love for food that can actually be the answer to doing so! Sounds too good to be true? Read on!

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Your body is a hoarder

When you’re short of money, the rational human reaction is to cut down on spending and to start saving. Similarly, when you start skipping meals, your system also reacts to this by making fat reserves and stops burning the fat. This means that depriving your body of food when it needs fuel to run, will actually make you gain even more weight! So give your body the nourishment it needs, at regular intervals, and it’ll thank you.

What’s the science behind this?

The hormones that control your metabolism have two functions, storing and burning fat – together they control your metabolism. After each meal, your brain releases a large amount of fat burning hormones and a little of the fat storing hormones  into your bloodstream. So, you can effectively use your diet to manipulate these hormones.

It might seem like eating more than 3 times a day will lead you to gain weight but, in reality, that isn’t the case. When you eat 5 small meals a day (made up of healthy, low calorie foods), at regular intervals, your body actually uses some of the fat consuming hormones to burn the new fat, while the balance goes into burning the already accumulated fat in your body. Over time, this habit helps your metabolism pick up its pace and results in decreasing the accumulated fat (were you wondering how to reduce belly fat?). Of course, if you’re following the right diet – beginning with a low calorie breakfast while ensuring that your overall food intake consists of small, high fiber diets then it becomes easier to become fitter!


It’s all about knowing the formula

Your body cannot predict how much food you’ll be consuming the next day. Therefore, it continues to burn calories based on your eating habits over the previous days, with the assumption that you will continue to consume the same amount of calories in the coming days. Therefore, if you want to lose those extra kilos, you’re going to have to start eating different kinds of food every day. What you actually have to do is confuse your body and you’ll begin losing weight. Really. It’s as simple as that – eating more is the best exercise to lose weight.

So, the answer to weight loss lies not only in not skipping meals but in fact, in eating more than 3 meals every day. While you can follow a personalized diet plan for weight loss, the best way to speed up your goal to lose weight at home is to eat on, albeit healthily, so that you can become fit the healthy way!

Contributed by Tripti Tandon, Founder & Chief Nutritionist – ‘Tripti’s Wellness 1’ & ‘I Eat Right’. Expert in the field of Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathy, Child Obesity, Weight Loss management for Men & Women, Karmic and Self Healing. 


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