Daily Health DIY: 3 Different Ways To Do Burpees


Before we begin listing the benefits of this exercise, have you ever wondered what a Burpee really is? Well, not to fear, this easy tutorial has all the answers for you!

A Burpee is a fat-burning and strength-building, full body exercise which requires absolutely no equipment. It is also a muscle-building exercise but without all the heavy lifting. Isn’t it great that, with a single exercise, you can work your entire body?

Burpees not only help you in losing mega calories, they also keep your metabolism going and have you pumped up all day! Although it might seem a bit challenging at first, these three quick ways of doing Burpees will surely get you up to speed.

1) The Traditional Burpee

Stand with your legs parallel to your shoulders and drop down in a squat. Then kick your feet back while keeping your hands in the front and do a push up. Return to a squat and quickly get up. End the rep with a jump. Try to increase your speed as you do more reps.

2) Mountain Climber Burpee

From the same standing position, drop down for a squat and place your palms on the ground, similar to a plank. Alternatively, push each knee towards your chest, keeping the other leg extended. It’s important to keep your back straight during this. After a couple of switches, end the rep again with a jump. Also, speed up the knee switch with each rep.

3) Side to Side Burpee

Similar to a regular Burpee, this one starts with placing your legs parallel to your shoulders, drop down in a squat, kick back your feet and do a push up. Then quickly get up to start with a couple of high knee jumps. After this, skip to the other side and repeat the same. Again, try to speed up after each set.

There you have it- take a break from your regular monotonous exercise regimen and try this dynamic workout for a change! And, if you need some help with your workout routine, why not consult a professional?