Couple Photo Ideas: Have Fun With it!


When one thinks about couple photography, hugs and holding of hands typically come to the mind. Love is much more than that. Wouldn’t you agree? It is found in everyday moments, whacky adventures and dreamy meanderings. Here are a few couple photo ideas that you can try at your wedding or pre wedding shoot to churn out some offbeat pictures that you can laugh, cry and smile at all your life.

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1. Take a Ride

Marriage is a journey that you begin together. While emotions and love ride your lives, you can get some really cool pictures using actual rides as props. Pose and play around something like a bike, a rickshaw, a bicycle or any other ride that you fancy. Don’t shy away from going all out with the dramatics.

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2. Dance Away

Typical dance poses can be cheesy and that is why you must try something different. Try to be natural and avoid rehearsed dance poses. Marriage and togetherness allow you to be kids with each other. Play with each other and shimmy to the music. Have your Cinderella or Rapunzel moment and have fun with princess costumes. You can also take the crazy route and dress up as break dancers. You’ll capture moments you weren’t expecting at all!

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3. Role Play

Well, we don’t mean that kind of role playing. Dress up as your favourite characters and improvise. You can play act and have an awesome time with it. Not only will you get some great pictures, it is sure to give you a few good laughs! You don’t have to sit back and romanticise, just live your favourite love story.

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4. Aerial / Panoramic Pictures 

There is something completely enrapturing about panoramic and aerial photographs. They seem to capture a moment in time from a godly view. The look of these pictures is beautifully dramatic and seems to depict a love story going on. These pictures should be taken at picturesque locations, away from the crowd. Try and wake up early in the morning and catch the sunset while taking pictures. Good lighting only adds to the magic of these pictures.

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5. Kiss

Every love story is sealed with a kiss. This one is a no-brainer. Don’t believe in the notion that a kiss is something scandalous, for there is nothing as pure as a lovers’ kiss. If you’re shy, go for the cheeks or the head. You don’t have to be cheesy, keep it natural and get lost in the moment. Location and background play key roles in adding to the emotions captured in the picture.

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