CONFIRMED! Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma Married! *New* Details Here

Edit: ALL Wedding Photos & Videos are OUT now! Go check it out here!!! Who is NOT a fan of Virat Kohli? When he first began dating Anushka Sharma, ...

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Edit: ALL Wedding Photos & Videos are OUT now! Go check it out here!!!

Who is NOT a fan of Virat Kohli? When he first began dating Anushka Sharma, a million girls’ had their hearts broken. But, we all held onto some hope. After all, it’s not official till it IS official.

Unfortunately (for us), but fortunately for #Virushka & their families, Virat aka Cheeku officially broke all hearts this weekend when he tied the knot with Anushka Sharma!

YES! Sources have confirmed that the deed is done. They are officially Mr & Mrs Kohli. *Ouch* it hurts to even say it!

Image courtesy: Virat Kohli

So, what did she wear? What did he wear? Where are the wedding photos?

*WEDDING PHOTOS ARE NOW OUT! As are the videos! See it all here!

Image courtesy: Manyavar

Nope, that’s not their wedding photo. It’s an ad for Manyavar, the clothing brand. They do look pretty cute together, though, don’t they?

There is one other detail we can confirm.

India’s top wedding videography team has been hired to capture their wedding and create a wedding video. A little birdie told us it’s the same team that’s done Bipasha Basu & Dia Mirza’s wedding! CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT!

So while not a single image is out yet, we can make do with some real venue photos and imagine what it all looked like.

This is the gorgeous Borgo Finocchieto in Tuscany, South Italy (30 minutes from Sienna) where the wedding took place. The location can hold upto a maximum of 44 guests, so we can safely assume the wedding was an intimate, tight-knit affair.

However, there is ONE Indian journalist who has made her way to this venue (we’re assuming, obviously, this was via an invitation by the couple! *yes we’re jealous!*)

Poonam Joshi, a leading journo with ABP News, posted this on her Facebook page

“Oh what a long long long journey this has been!! Wow Anushka and Virat what a location you have chosen. Making it almost impossible for a common man to reach…never mind here I am. Tired and wet in the rain and it’s only 6pm and this beautiful historical village seems to have gone to sleep….no taxi… no English..but people so kind and helpful. I am being helped by the locals to make sure I am safely transported to my hotel. It’s a far away land in the historic land dating back to the 13th century…I guess we all will be making memories together. Some cozy some cold 

The day wedding could have a seating arrangement that looks like this…

Decor from a real wedding at Borgo Finocchieto

Or like this…

Image courtesy: Flowers Living

Of course, these do seem too toned down for an Indian wedding. And considering dholwalas have been spotted at the Italian villa, we are assuming the wedding decor is more colourful than this!

Image courtesy: Ultravilla

This part of the villa could serve as the perfect backdrop for those wedding photographs! No need for a separate photobooth backdrop when your venue is this gorgeous <3

Image courtesy: Alessandro of Flowers Living


And this photo could what the evening wedding dinner could look like! How pretty!!!

The venue has even inspired a watercolour artist to create wedding invitations…

Image courtesy: Laney Schenk

Of course, this is NOT Virushka’s wedding invite, but it easily could be! We really do hope they did a unique watercolour invite with these wax seals. Their venue truly is inspirational! Artists all over the world have been creating art inspired by what they’ve seen here!

While we wait for official photographs to come out, see how cute Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma look together in these candid photos in a typical day of their life –

Image courtesy: Vogue India
Image courtesy: Manyavar
Image courtesy:
Image courtesy: Vogue India

If they look this adorable on an average day, you can imagine what their candid wedding photos will look like!

Here’s hoping they let us get a peek into the real wedding ceremony. Till then, these Manyavar ads will have to do…

And, needless to say, STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!

Update: Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma Are Married – here are all the photos & videos!


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