Candid Wedding Photo Tips for Brides: The Struggle to Get Perfect Pictures

With all the movement, hugs and kisses, emotions, tears and laughter, it is a struggle for the bride to sustain her perfect makeup and hair throughout her wedding. Candid ...

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With all the movement, hugs and kisses, emotions, tears and laughter, it is a struggle for the bride to sustain her perfect makeup and hair throughout her wedding. Candid photography is now a favourite in wedding photography. Candid pictures capture real emotions, and natural expressions of the bride, where there is no room for the bride to pose before the picture is taken. Here are a few photo tips to help the bride get the best of this style of photography, and look picture perfect all day and night long.

1. Touch-up

Touch ups are a must for every bride, but if you have a candid photographer at your wedding, it is important to be very mindful of your touch ups, and check if your makeup is in place at least every 2 hours. Have a makeup kit containing your hand mirror, lipstick, lip balm, compact, concealer, kohl, liner, cotton, and wipes at an arm’s reach, with your friend, sister or relative at all times.

2. Chin-up

A double chin can look catastrophic if caught in your wedding pictures. It will ruin your day and your wedding album. All of us tend to have a bit of a double chin when we bend our head down, laugh, and so on. To avoid embarrassing pictures with your double chin stealing the show, stay aware and hold your chin up at all times. This will make sure that your chin looks chiseled and your neck elongated in all your wedding pictures, whether candid or posed.

Wedding Photography by Hari.Photo

3. Stay Straight

Let us face it, we haven’t been trained like models or celebrities to keep our backs straight all the time, and have our slouchy moments from time to time. It is crucial that you try and keep your back straight, standing tall, and looking poised, as much as you can on your wedding.

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4. Tika Marks

It feels great to be blessed by the priests and to have the kum kum tika pressed onto our foreheads to mark the blessings. However, things can go really wrong if the tika is marked on too strong, too long, or distorted, even more so, if it is smudged. It is best to check your forehead and clean up the kum kum wherever necessary to make sure that your makeup look is not ruined.

5. Long Lasting Waterproof Makeup

This one is a no brainer but deserves a mention due to the importance it holds. Waterworks are bound to happen on your wedding. Sweat and humidity can also smudge your makeup. Make sure that your makeup is locked in with a setting powder/spray. Waterproof mascara and kohl is a must for brides. Try and use lipsticks which are less likely to smudge around your mouth.



Wedding Photography by Rhythmic Focus

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6. Sweat Check

Sweat marks around your armpits can be a major cause of embarrassment on your wedding day, especially if caught on camera. The jitters, stress, and nervousness may contribute to sweating, and it is important to make yourself sweat proof on your wedding. Use a sweat proof deodorant, antiperspirant or talcum, whatever suits your skin.

7. Drapes

Whether you wear a gown, lehenga or saree for your wedding, bridal outfits have a lot of draping going on. If your draping falls apart, it can be too complicated to put it back together and looks shabby and unkempt in pictures. One spends a fortune on one’s wedding outfit and it would be disastrous if the look of the outfit is ruined due to a slip in the draping. Make sure to pin up using strong pins, all the areas that require it, especially your veil, pallu, pleats and dupatta/chunni.

8. All Simles

Last, but not the least, do not forget to smile! Your bright smile can make all the difference.

Use these tips as a checklist to keep in mind for perfect candid pictures on your wedding!

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