Broken Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

  Broken makeup = broken heart? Not anymore! Whether hearts break because makeup is expensive, or whether they do because, well, it is makeup – broken makeup almost ALWAYS hurts. When ...

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Broken makeup = broken heart? Not anymore!

Whether hearts break because makeup is expensive, or whether they do because, well, it is makeup – broken makeup almost ALWAYS hurts. When lipsticks, compact powder cakes, eyeshadow, mascara, or any other component of makeup breaks, it normally means that it’s no longer fit for use and must be discarded. Especially if your makeup is new, that is likely to be something you’d like to avoid, isn’t it? Here are a few quick tips on how to mend broken makeup!

How to Mend Broken Lipstick


Newly purchased lipsticks tend to break at the very bottom sometimes. Hold your horses, don’t think about throwing it away if it’s only broken and not soiled. Believe it or not, there’s more than one way in which you can mend or preserve your broken lipstick so that you don’t have to throw it away. Both methods involve fire, so please exercise caution while using either of these methods.

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  1. Rejoin it! shutterstock_323553254

You will need: broken lipstick, clean and transparent plastic bag/glove, small clean plate, freezer, candle or blowtorch with a small flame setting.

Method: Put on your glove or wear the plastic bag on your hand so that you can touch the lipstick without damaging it. Take the broken part (bullet) of your lipstick off carefully, place it on the small plate and put it in the freezer. Freeze for about 10 minutes so that it hardens and you don’t damage it while handling it later. After removing it, match the shape of the bullet with the remainder in the original tube. Set the two parts aside separately. Light the candle or turn on the blowtorch on the smallest possible flame, and hold the broken edge of the bullet about an inch from the flame till the edges start to melt but make sure the lipstick isn’t getting burned. Place the molten part on the stub in the tube and press the two parts together. This is how you mend your broken lipstick!

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2. Make a Palette!


Broken lipstick is an opportunity in disguise. It gives you a great chance to start creating your own lipstick palette.

You will need: Broken lipstick, a slim knife/small metal spatula, candle, metal spoon, empty palette.

Method: Using the knife/spatula, cut your broken lipstick into parts small enough to fill out one section of the palette each. If you’re not sure of the quantity, cut into smaller pieces than you think will fit. Light the candle, place a part of the lipstick in the spoon and hold it about an inch above the flame till the lipstick melts. Stir the molten lipstick in the spoon using the knife/spatula to maintain any pearly/shiny texture it may have, and pour it carefully into a section of the palette. Continue the process till either the palette is full or your lipstick is over. Voila! Broken lipstick turned into lipstick palette!

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How to Repair Broken Compact Powder

When you open the container, if your compact or pressed powder is broken, it is likely to spill over. Be very careful, ensure that you don’t waste any. Whether it is compact face powder, bronzer or eyeshadow, once again, there are two ways you can repair it.

  1. With Rubbing Alcohol shutterstock_312439331

You will need: rubbing alcohol, broken pressed powder, metal spoon, protective barrier (such as a sheet of plastic or paper), transparent ziplock bag, non-embossed tissue paper, small & round flat surface (such as a lipstick tube)

Method: Spread the protective barrier over a table top. Open the container of your broken compact powder while holding the container over the barrier so you can collect anything that spills. Pour the broken contents into the ziplock bag and seal it. Using the spoon, press over the plastic and break it up further till it is completely crushed into fine powder. Place the cleaned and empty container on the protective barrier and pour the powder into it. Add a few drops of the rubbing alcohol, and use the back end of the spoon to mix the powder into fine paste. Spread it evenly in the container and leave it open to dry. In 20 minutes, when the surface looks drier, pat lightly with your fingertips to make sure it doesn’t come off. If it seems dry enough, place the tissue over the surface and use the round flat surface to press the powder into place over the tissue. Leave the container open till the powder dries, and you will have repaired your broken powder!

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2. Without Alcohol shutterstock_448148080

You will need: dropper full of water, broken powder, plain tissue paper, flat round surface, metal spoon, transparent ziplock bag, protective barrier

Method: Spread out the protective barrier over a table top. Empty the contents of the broken powder into the ziplock bag while holding it over the protective barrier. Transfer any spilled product from the barrier into the bag. Using the spoon, break the powder into finer pieces and crush till it is completely powdered. Clean out the original container, and use the dropper to place a few drops of water on the base of the container. Pour the powder back into the container and tap it out till the powder is evenly spread out. Place the tissue over the powder and use your palm to press and flatten the powder into the container. Use the flat round surface to press in the edges. Remove the tissue, and close the container for 20 minutes. Once the powder has settled in, the moisture will hold it together and you will have your broken powder repaired!

Don’t let broken makeup break your heart. With these simple tips, repair broken makeup like a pro and save yourself the pain!

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