Bridal Eye Makeup Tips to Make your Eyes Look Bigger

Your wedding is probably the time when you want to look your best and put the maximum efforts in all your life to make sure that you look perfect. ...

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Your wedding is probably the time when you want to look your best and put the maximum efforts in all your life to make sure that you look perfect. While small eyes are extremely charming, some brides may want to enhance their eyes to make them look bigger and brighter. There are certain eye makeup tips and tricks for bridal makeup that you can use to elongate and brighten your eyes as you take the centre stage on your wedding day.

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1. Eyebrows

Eyebrows help frame the upper half of your face. Tame your eyebrows by plucking strays and cleaning up the hair around the arches. While shading your eyebrows, emphasise on your arch and the ends of your eyebrows. This will give you a sharp look and provide a great frame to elongate your eyes with the help of makeup.

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2. Cut Crease Makeup

Cut crease eye makeup is the best way to enhance your eyes. In this eye makeup technique, an enhanced crease is created by shadowing or blending in a darker shade in the crease of the eyes. While blending, blend upwards and outwards to add shape and to elongate your eyes. Popular crease colours for brides are burgundy, bronze, deep brown, black, and other dark shades. You can also add a line of glitter to your crease to add more drama and bling.

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3. Cat Eye Makeup

This is another makeup trend, which comes as a blessing for girls with small eyes. The eyeliner and eyeshadow are drawn and shaded in an elongated shape extending beyond the eyes, typically stopping right before where the eyebrows end. This style of makeup helps make the eyes look more shapely and attractive.

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4. Eyeliner

The use of eyeliners can either steal or spoil the show. Avoid thick lines on your upper eyelid and instead, try and create a long and neat line, extending in a wing. You may use liner on your lower lids too, but avoid lining the inner corners of your eyes which can make your eyes look even smaller. Make sure that your eyeliner never extends beyond the length of your eyebrows. Since brides tend to get emotional on their wedding, it is best to stick to waterproof eyeliners.

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5. Tight-line

Tight-lining the upper waterline can instantly lift up your eyes and make them look bigger. Tight-line from the inner Conner to the very end. Use a smudge proof liner to avoid messing up your makeup. Use a liner that matches the colour of your eyebrows and eyelashes. This will keep the effect natural.

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6. 3D Makeup

The 3D makeup technique makes use of both contouring and highlighting to give an enhanced shape to the eyes. Apart from shading of the crease, adding a pop of bright metallics to the centre of your eyelid can really help your eyes pop. Use glitter or a pencil highlighter to shade the inner corners of your eyes. You can also use a nude or beige eyeliner to line your lower water line. This trick helps to enlarge the eyes.

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7. Eyelashes

Enhancing your eyelashes can also add a lot to your eyes. Focus volume through multiple application on the centre of your eyes. Make sure that you use an eyelash curler to uplift your eyelashes before you apply the mascara. Go for deep black colours when picking your mascara.

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