Best kitchen Colour designs – An Ultimate Guide

Looking for kitchen paint ideas to make your cooking space stand out? Here’s what we recommend  Your kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home. ...

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Looking for kitchen paint ideas to make your cooking space stand out? Here’s what we recommend 

Your kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home. From breakfast to dinner and your morning cuppa to weekend brunches, a lot happens in the kitchen. Just like the rest of your house, it is important to pick a kitchen colour design that highlights this area in the best way possible. In this ultimate guide to choosing the best kitchen colour designs, we share some ideas that will completely turn around the look of your kitchen. 

Create a Contrast 

A sure-fire way to create an interesting kitchen colour design is to look for kitchen paint ideas featuring contrasting colours for the cabinets and countertop. Using dual tones helps frame your kitchen, especially when the counter is a light hue and the cabinets are darker. For instance, pick a combination of sage green with white or deep cobalt blue with pure white. Go for metallic handles and doorknobs for an added layer, lending the space a regal touch. 

Contrast Kitchen Color Design - Urban Company

Choose a wooden finish

Have an open-plan kitchen that leads to the living and dining spaces? Why not create a seamless flow by using wood in your kitchen design? Based on the wooden furniture you have in your living room, pick the same one for your kitchen, too, covering your storage cabinets with it. You can also choose a veneer of the same colour to create a similar look as the rest of your furniture. Couple it with a marble or granite countertop, creating an inviting kitchen. 

Wooden Finish Kitchen Design - Urban Company

Pick a Deep Island Colour

Deep Island Colour - Urban Company

If you have an island kitchen that’s often used for eating breakfast or a space where guests gather at your house parties, you can highlight the island counter by making it stand out with a different colour than the rest of the kitchen. Consider this kitchen paint idea: Pick a dark hue for the bottom while its countertop can match the rest of the kitchen colour design. To tie it all together, swatch one part of your kitchen’s backsplash with a combination of the two colours. 

Add Colour Pops

If your personal style is all about infusing colours, why not follow it in your kitchen design too? Adding colour pops to your cooking space is a great way to make it look fun and flirty. To balance out the different tones, it will be a good idea to pick kitchen paints that are pastel-hued. This will create a harmonious colour scheme that isn’t too flashy. Remember, this is one area that’s used several times in a day, so mix in those colours yet keep them subtle. 

Color Pop Kitchen Design - Urban Company

Keep it All White 

The beauty of classic designs is that they never go out of style. If you want to keep it old-school yet elegant, one kitchen paint idea is to keep it all white. From the storage cabinets to the backsplash tiles to the countertop, a seamless white kitchen colour design creates a soothing visual. Keep in mind, however, that a white kitchen will require more maintenance and cleaning for it to look spick and span at all times, but will leave a lasting impression. 

All White Kitchen Design - Urban Company

Opt for Bold Black 

Another kitchen paint idea could involve going bold with an all-black look, or black with accents of wood or metal. Ensure that there’s a window or door nearby to let some natural light in and prevent your kitchen from looking too dingy. Add the right artificial lights to create a warm glow for evening cooking sessions. While a black kitchen makes a strong style statement, it is best-suited for kitchens that are spacious so that the area does not feel closed and cluttered. 

All Bold Kitchen Design - Urban Company

Choose a Different Backsplash

Another great way to create some drama with your kitchen is to look for kitchen paint ideas featuring two different shades. You can paint the cabinets and counters in one dominant shade, and introduce the accent colour through the backsplash in your kitchen. Opt for subtle hues like white with yellow, cream with taupe if you prefer a light-toned kitchen, or choose a bright backsplash colour like fiery red or bright orange while keeping the rest of the kitchen in a neutral shade. 

Two Color Kitchen Design - Urban Company

Go for Two-Toned Cabinets

A modern way to bring in more than one colour in your kitchen design is by visually dividing the upper and lower storage cabinets in two different shades. You can also add a third colour through the kitchen countertop that either matches the flooring or contrasts it completely. This kitchen paint idea breaks the monotony and livens up the space, giving your cooking space a new look. Pick from contrasting shades such as white and blue, red and beige, green and pastel yellow. 

Two Toned Cabinet Design - Urban Company

Whether you choose to go bold or keep it minimal, these kitchen colour design ideas will transform your kitchen from boring to gram-worthy in no time.

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