Being the Dad His Father Couldn’t Be

A very heartwarming tale of Hukum Bahadur Thapa, who despite being dealt a bad hand as a child with an alcoholic father and an upbringing mired in financial distress, is now turning his fate around by being the best father his son can have.

Originally from Nepal, Hukum’s childhood was enmeshed in straitened circumstances that his family faced with a drunkard father who owed money to many villagers and never had enough to provide for the basic necessities, let alone educating the children.

“When I was merely twelve years old, I had to come to Delhi with my uncle to earn money. I worked at different places till 2019, not only as a house keeper, but even as a cook and a guard. When I was blessed with a child, I knew that I will not let him face what I did. I will be the best father for him and for that I gave my all. Working odd hours, often being disrespected, skipping the holidays and later on not being able to spend time with family had become a routine.”

He stepped up and started a new journey

Tired from poor working conditions at the old jobs, Hukum started to realize that a change was needed. That’s when he got to know about Urban Company from a friend who worked according to his comfort and time and still escalated his earnings by being a partner at this platfrom. He decided to take up the opportunity and joined UC.

“I feel really proud being an Urban Company partner because here, I am a professional and I receive the respect that I never had. The customers feel happy to have us, they are very welcoming and even offer us water and tea. These small things are very motivating and respectful. The best part is that I can mark a leave whenever I want to and work with my convenience and I am still able to earn Rs.1500-2000 in a day.”

He saw a dream and he made it true

Its really inspiring how Hukum not only turned his life around, but also became the father that he never had.

Hukum spending time with his family

“With Urban Company, I am able to earn for my family, my child is getting a good education from an English medium school and I get spend time with my wife and son. We go walks and dinners and we are really happy. I can do the best for my son with Urban Company. There is no such platform.”


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