How to elevate your bedroom walls with aesthetically pleasing design elements

We have a bagful of ideas to create a cosy and stylish bedroom for a relaxing atmosphere. Your bedroom is your private haven which should not only exude a ...

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We have a bagful of ideas to create a cosy and stylish bedroom for a relaxing atmosphere.

Your bedroom is your private haven which should not only exude a serene vibe for a calming sleep but should also reflect your style and preferences. However, creating a restful ambience does not imply that a bedroom can’t have a touch of drama, so make sure to unleash the potential of the bedroom decor by enhancing the design of the bedroom walls with aesthetically pleasing design elements that resonate with your taste. 

Install Wallpaper

Install Wallpaper

Different types of wallpaper can be used to design an inviting and joyful interior, ranging from bold, large-scale multicolour designs to more serene patterns. See here how the blue wallpaper exudes a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Some of the wallpaper designs for the bedroom include tropical, botanical, and geometric prints which are now also available in sustainable materials like grasscloth and straw.

Add Softness with Tufted Panelling

Add Softness with Tufted Panelling

Tufted panels play a key role in infusing an element of softness into the design of the bedroom walls.  The consistent tufting spans from one corner of the wall to the other side and creates a cohesive design element while the vibrant orange colour introduces a lively touch to the interiors. The incorporation of layered linen and bedding, adds a touch of luxury to the overall design of the bedroom.

Introduce a Niche

Introduce a Niche

The accent wall behind the bed includes an arched niche that adds depth and dimension to the bedroom interior. The niche stands out in bright yellow against the grey backdrop of the walls and flooring. The bed is nestled within the niche which simultaneously functions as the headboard and imparts a stylish look. Additionally, you should opt for sleek and fuss-free furniture to create a relaxing atmosphere within your bedroom.

Highlight with an Accent Colour

Highlight with an Accent Colour

Just paint one wall in an accent colour so that it stands out from the rest of the walls. Some of the best colours for the design of the bedroom accent wall include hues of terracotta, purple, dark blue, sage green, or Peach Fuzz which is the Pantone colour of the year 2024. Highlight the wall with artwork, photographs, or prints. You can also opt for textured paint as it gives a richer appearance to the bedroom. 

Say Yes to Wood Wall Panelling

Wood Wall Panelling

Wood brings warmth, softness, and a natural ambience to the interiors. See here how the vertical wood panels  of the bedroom emphasises on vertical lines that draws the eye upwards, making the space appear taller. Also, the various contrasting tones of natural wood exude a dynamic look and enhance the design of the bedroom walls. 

Beautify with Wall Art

Wall Art

Placing a picture or painting above the headboard can transform the backwall into an interesting focal point. Avoid overcrowding the walls as just a single piece of art against a contrasting colour backdrop will stand out. The botanical-themed artwork on a bluish-grey wall promotes a relaxing feel, adding a soothing vibe to the bedroom decor, and does not overwhelm the space.

Install 3-D Panels

3-D Panels

The three-dimensional panels on the accent wall behind the bed plays with light and shadow and adds a lot of depth and dimension into the bedroom décor. They are in stark white, creating a colour contrast with the veneer wall panel on the adjacent wall and results in a pronounced 3D effect.

Intricate Headboard Design

Instead of opting for a standalone piece of artwork, consider making your headboard more versatile by transforming it into a functional piece that also serves as wall decor. In this bedroom, the elaborate headboard provides a decorative accent to the bed while its considerable height transforms it into a  distinctive design feature of the bedroom.

Indirect Lighting 

Indirect Lighting 

The raised angular panel washes the wall panelling with a warm glow of light and infuses a sense of luxury and luminousity to a spacious bedroom. Just see how the wall panelling adds a beautiful texture to the luxurious walls of the bedroom.

Create a Patterned Wall

Patterned Wall

Break away from conventional wall paint and elevate the design of the bedroom walls by choosing wood wall panels in natural tones to create an inviting space that seamlessly blends rustic charm with a modern aesthetic.Wood is used to create a classic chevron pattern on the accent wall, utilising light-toned wood that highlights the natural grain patterns.

For a quick bedroom wall makeover, hang pictures or paintings and create a serene vibe with nature-inspired art or add drama with abstract pieces. Make sure to think beyond conventional art and explore textile pieces, tapestries, or patterned fabric hangings for warmth and texture. 

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