Bed Bugs And Why Do You Need To Get Rid Of Them


Don’t you just hate those annoying little creatures crawling around your bed, leaving bites and rashes on your skin? If yes, then you need to book a pest control service from Urban Company. Our professionals help you in getting rid of bed bugs effectively. let’s find out why you need to get rid of bed bugs!

Why do you need the bed bug treatment?

1. They bite! : One of the major issues you must get rid of bed bugs and their infestation are the bites. You are the source of nutrition for bed bugs – the more they feed on you, the more they will breed.

2. Itchy rashes: Bites from bed bugs often leave rashes that makes you itch every now and then. Often, the urge to scratch is so strong that you are unable to restrict yourself, wherever you may be. These rashes also might leave nasty marks on your skin. This is a very important reason to get rid of bed bugs.

3. Transferability and portability: Another reason to get rid of bed bugs is that they easily travel from one bed to another through many sources like pillows, bed sheets, and people as well. So once these bugs are in your house, it is likely that they will continue to spread everywhere.


What is the treatment all about?

You need to get rid of bed bugs and stop them from infesting your house. The basic information about bed-bug removal is available everywhere, but this procedure involves microscopic details. And if the steps are not followed properly, the bed bugs are likely to come back.

Step 1: A thorough inspection of all the possible places bed bugs might reside in is required, starting from the corners of your room to the furniture and mattresses. The extent of the bug infestation determines the kind of treatment that will be required in your house.

Step 2: After determining the depth of the situation, it becomes easy to figure out whether you require a change of mattresses, a bed bug spray or heat and steam treatment. You may also need to move out of the house for a specific time period. In any case, chemical application is almost unavoidable.

Step 3: The process of bed-bug control is not limited to the treatment. Once the treatment is done, regular house cleaning is advisable to avoid future trouble. Even after the process is finished, the tiny bed bugs may be hidden in nooks and crannies as it is not possible to spray the chemicals on every single surface. So deep clean the house with hot water and vacuum the carpets every now and then.

These simple steps will help you get rid of bed bugs.

So, Save your skin, time and money, and simply book pest control services from Urban Company to solve your bed bug problem effectively and efficiently. We promise to give your home the best bed bug treatment ever!

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