Becoming An Equal Partner – How Beautician Shalini Made It Happen

When asked about her tenure in Urban Company, her husband Jagadesan chipped in – ‘She’s done 1200 jobs. And that too with 4.88 rating. She never misses an exclusive lead and keeps stock of each pack’. The pride and joy on his face was so evident, it warmed my heart.


Hard work and right opportunity = secure future

Shalini, who earlier worked in a local salon for long hours, says she moved to Urban Company to better balance her family responsibilities. Her job didn’t leave her with much time to spend with her daughter. And Urban Company gave her that flexibility. She could now choose what time to work and when to take it a little easy.

Her 16-year old daughter immediately quips, “Amma thinks she is the only beautician in entire Chennai and leaves whenever she gets a booking.”

For Shalini, the biggest driver to work hard is to secure her children’s future. This, she feels, seems possible after joining Urban Company. Her husband Jagdesan ends the conversation with this beautiful sentiment:

Shalini is literally my equal partner. We are able to run our family only because of her earning support.


After having met Shalini and her family, it felt really nice to know that in some small way, I am actually creating an impact and helping transform lives of a lot of people.


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