Bathroom Storage Ideas: 7 Cool Hacks That Help You Create More Space!

Wondering how to store more in your small bathroom without crowding it? These bathroom storage ideas are creative, clever and not very expensive! Not all of us in our ...

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Wondering how to store more in your small bathroom without crowding it? These bathroom storage ideas are creative, clever and not very expensive!

Not all of us in our urban Indian homes enjoy a spacious, luxurious bathroom as one sees on Pinterest. But should that stop us from living well? Absolutely not! The trick lies in introducing innovative storage solutions in the bathroom, which make organization and cleanliness a piece of cake. Sure, for the longest time ever, Indian bathrooms ignored this functional solution. But change this one aspect and you will definitely see an instant improvement.

Our top design solutions — for three different bathroom setups — will help you transform even the tiniest bath space into an organised, clutter-free haven.

Here’s what this post will help you with:

  1. Bathroom storage designs you can introduce during renovation (or construction);
  2. Ideas for existing bathrooms;
  3. Storage hacks for rental home bathrooms

A. Storage Ideas for Bathroom Renovation

The perfect time to add permanent, inbuilt storage is during the renovation of a bathroom. Here are some ideas:

1. Bathroom Vanity

If you need adequate storage, nothing beats bathroom vanities with their under-the-sink cabinets. These units let you store cleaning supplies, extra bath products and more in a neat and hidden manner. You can purchase them as ready units from brands like Roca, Kohler, Jaquar, or you can custom build your own with the help of a carpenter and plumber. However, do make sure that the material is waterproof and the unit is built away from the shower area.

Design tip: You can choose a wall-hung vanity unit, which helps free up floor space for cleaning as well as makes small bathrooms look spacious.

2. Wall niches or recessed shelves

Since most Indian bathrooms are compact in nature, storage in the form of a wall niche — open or covered — works best. It neatly tucks all items inside the wall, thus, preventing the need for storage units that protrude or hinder the bathroom space in any way. Additionally, unlike a vanity, wall niches can be used to store as well as display the essentials.

Design tip: You can define the wall niche in your bathroom with patterned tiles or with a distinct frame. Add tiny planters, vases or quirky decor for an aesthetic, decorative value. Use mirror or glass shutters for a closed niche as these lend a spacious vibe to the bathroom.

3. Overhead storage

One of the ways you can store all those extra bath products, towels and cleaning supplies is in an overhead storage placed right above your bathroom door. This waterproof unit can be open or closed — either way, it will keep all your bath supplies out of sight without looking like an imposing box.

Design tip: While the unit can stretch from one end of the wall to another, ensure that its depth is between 12 and 15 inches, especially in small bathrooms. You can add a corner shelf to this unit to place a creeper plant, thus combining both function and beauty in one compact unit.

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B. Storage Ideas for Existing Bathrooms

If you don’t want to carry out a major overhaul to transform your bathroom, these storage hacks are just for you.

1. Mirror with an inbuilt or hidden storage

Sure, this is one of those classic bathroom storage ideas seen in most Indian homes, but what we usually get to see is an ugly plastic unit. However, there are newer solutions in the market today, that combine mirrors and storage in an innovative manner. Perfect for storing medicines and everyday essentials, this solution keeps the clutter out of sight in small bathrooms.

Design tip: Units with seamless mirrors not only look elegant but also help maintain a clean and minimal aesthetic to give your bathroom a roomy feel.

2. Shelves over the toilet

Put the wall above the toilet to good use with shelves or storage units — think floating shelves, glass shelves or an open box unit. It’s the perfect and central place to store extra hand towels, toilet rolls and bath products, as well as fun decor items like frames and vases.

Design tip: For compact bathrooms, choose transparent shelves or slimmer profiles for the unit. Match the colour of the unit with the wall tiles and ensure that the depth is similar to that of the toilet tank.

3. Storage Ideas for Rental Home Bathrooms

Living in a rental? Even you can jazz up your bathroom with storage!

1. Baskets

This solution doesn’t require any structural changes. Simply add sturdy baskets on the window sill, bathroom sink or hang them from your towel rack. Baskets are good for storing both everyday bath products as well as extras like towels and toilet rolls.

Design tip: Opt for waterproof wicker baskets for a natural and textural finish. You can even paint baskets in colours of your choice to customise the look.  

2. Ladders or corner shelf ideas

Place a ladder-like unit over your WC water tank or fix a corner rack in one end of the bathroom, where you can arrange bath supplies along with interesting decor elements.

Design tip: Take a regular ladder and hang wire baskets over each slot to create a DIY, affordable storage solution for your rental.

So, which one of these bathroom storage ideas are you likely to incorporate in your tiny bath? Or have you used a completely different hack? Tell us in the comments below!


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