Aloe Vera Hair Oil : Benefits, How to Make It, Usage & More


Aloe Vera is a wonder plant but does it produce any oil? The answer is no. Aloe vera hair oil is basically created by combining aloe gel with a carrier oil. To obtain this infusion, you could use any carrier oil which is good for hair such as olive oil, jojoba oil, castor or coconut oil. The most popular choice for this happens to be coconut oil. When you mix the two, it creates a blend which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and other factors involved in skin repair and hair growth. Since both aloe vera and coconut oil are rich in vitamins and minerals, their mix rejuvenates your skin and hair cells. Applying this oil may exert skin-lightening and anti-aging effects. It can heal dark spots, wrinkles, stretch marks, and dry skin issues. Using it on your hair and scalp gives healthy, strong, and dandruff-free hair.

aloe vera hair oil

Benefits of Aloe Vera Hair Oil –

  • Hair Growth
  • Hair Fall Control 
  • Forms a protective layer over hair and keeps it safe from harmful environmental elements and also keeps it consistently hydrated.
  • Condition and nourishes hair
  • Dandruff remedy

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Ingredients –

  1. 1 aloe vera leaf 
  2. Half cup coconut oil
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How to make it –

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  1. Fillet aloe leaves lengthwise into halves
  2. Now carefully slice off outer layer of skin with a sharp knife
  3. Extract aloe vera gel as explained in the picture above
  4. Following this, thoroughly rinse resulting inner gel 
  5. Finally, mix the gel with the oil.
  6. Additionally, you can also put these in a blender for a more homogenous mixture.

You can use this oil for both hair and skin as a moisturizer, hair mask or overnight treatment. Click on the link below for more information.

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