All You Need To Know About CCTV Secured Garages


cctv camera for car parking

Parking Lots and Garages are prone to theft and burglary all the time. Galore of cars are parked there and sadly are easily accessible to thieves. But worry not! We will tell you why security camera systems are a must not just for home security but for garage ad parking lot security too.

Importance of CCTVs in Garages:

Here are three ways a CCTV camera in a garage will help both car and parking lot owners !

1. Prevention against stealing cars

Parking lots are the easiest place to burgle cars. If not protected properly, thieves can enter the parking space at any point, break through the glass windows or manipulate the lock systems and easily steer your car away. The fact that most of the parking lots these days are very ill protected, undermanned by security guards and are not properly lit for such parking lots employ low lights. All these owing to the cost cutting that most establishments go for. If there are CCTVs installed and have signs of working, most of these thefts can be reduced to none.

2. Vandalism and damage

If stealing the car is one pain, vandalism is a whole new ball game. As we all know, vandalism refers to damaging the property. And sadly, many miscreants do it for the fun of it! Most of us are victims of key scratches on car sides and bonnets. It is either for fun or for a silly revenge. But repairing them with a fresh coat of paint will cost you a fortune. Many of these vandals even go as far as shattering the car’s glass or hitting the car causing bumps in it. This works same as theft, only if the vandals know that there are CCTVs installed ad show signs of working then they may not dare to resort to such practices. This will save many cars from deformation.

3. Protect parking lot owners from liability

Whenever a car is robbed or vandalized in a parking lot, the owner of the parking lot is pulled to the court for he is vicariously liable. He will have to take the ownership of the parking lot. Only if there were CCTV cameras installed, the owner can put up the “parking here at the owner’s risk” signage thus eliminating any liability on his part. Also, the owner can use the CCTV footage to help himself out of such cases. This way, installing CCTV cameras can help the parking lot owner creating safe spaces for themselves.

Tips for CCTVs in Garages:

Try these tips and tricks to make the most of the CCTVs that you have installed in your parking lot.

1. Place the CCTV cameras close to entry exit

Place CCTV cameras facing the car while entering and facing the back of the car while leaving. In the first case, the onlooker at the control room can figure out the face of the person driving the car. In the second case, the onlooker can make a note of the car’s number. Not just the details of the car but significant notes like when did the car come in, when did the car leave, ow long has the car been lying in the parking can also be made. One can also notice if it is the same person who has dropped in the car is taking back the car. Habitual homeless car owners who use parking lots can also be monitored.

2. Cover up blind spots

CCTVs run the huge disadvantage of having blind spots where they are set up. Blind spot refers to the part where the CCTV cannot record the happenings. These are the spaces that the CCTVs are literally blind.  Usually cars parked in these blind spots are vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. To ensure that all cars are in the safe purview of the CCTV, set up the camera on an elevated space. Higher the elevation, lower the area as a blind spot. But at the same time, higher the elevation, lower the resolution and you might not even figure out faces of the people. Therefore, strike a balance to reduce the blind spot to the bare minimum yet have a clear vision of the CCTV.

4. Artificial lights

CCTVs in parking lots are usually set up with very poor lighting. In the pretext of cost cutting, many parking lots end up looking like dark shady alleys where crime is bound to happen. In such cases, the very purpose of installing a CCTV camera is defeated for it cannot record the happenings with high resolution. Therefore, invest a little in high definition lighting for your garage. You can find pocket friendly LED lights that will not eat into your electricity like white tube lights.

5. Notify about the CCTVs

While having a CCTV in any establishment, it is mandatory to let the people know that there is one. It is a matter of law that people who visit your space know that they are being watched. Not informing them can lead to legal complications. Choose a prominent place- somewhere high for everyone to see and in bright colours make a plaque that mentions the existence of a CCTV camera and that it is working on all 365 days for 24 hours. This way, you will be fulfilling a major legal obligation.

In a mission to make the world a safer space, ensure today that the garages you park your cars in are safe too!