A Bride’s Guide To Layering Your Necklaces – The RIGHT Way


So you’ve bought your dream wedding lehenga and you can now rest easy. Not so fast! How are you going to style it? The way you style it with jewellery could make or break the look.

And when it comes to wedding jewellery, there’s one trend we’ve seen last through years (one that’s also loved by Sabyasachi!) – the layered necklace trend.

There’s so much to love about it – it’s a creative way to add more detail, and it makes your outfit look unique and super glam. Doing it right can transform even a simple lehenga into a gorgeous outfit. And your wedding day is the perfect event to go all out with your love for jewellery and look like royalty with layered necklaces.

But do you know HOW to layer it right?

It’s easy to go wrong with the layering – you could do too much, or too little, put the wrong colours or shapes together. Which is why we’ve made the ultimate guide to help you pick the right pieces that will look great together.

Scroll down for some amazing ways to layer necklaces. Do not miss the tips at the end of the post (you want to do it right!)

7 Different Ways For Brides To Layer Necklaces

#1 Going Big with Maximalist Layering, Chunky Stones & Multiple Colours – For the Queens 😉


layered necklace
Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Mukherjee
Layered Bridal Jewellery
Image Courtesy: Cupcake Productions
Photo Courtesy: Fotowalle


#2 Nizam Style; Delicate & Alluring like a Dancer’s Charm Complete with a Satlada

layered necklace
Image courtesy: Raabta by Rahul
Image Courtesy: Pal Couture
Satlada- Layered necklace
Image Courtesy: Photo Walle
Photo Courtesy: Fotowalle

#3 Matchy Matchy; Coordinated Necklaces with Similar Design 

Bridal Necklace
Image courtesy: Morvi Images
layered necklace
Image Courtesy: Sanjay Balan
Photo Courtesy: Shutterdown Photography

#4 The Southern Bridal Look with Lots of Gold

layered necklace
Image Courtesy: Indian Fashion Hub
Bridal Necklace
Image Courtesy: Padma K


#5 Going Classic with Choker & Long Necklace

layered necklace
Image Courtesy: Diapk Studios
Photo Courtesy: The Wedding Story
Bridal Jewellery
Image Courtesy: Dil Couture

#6 Going Delicate & Layering with Pearls & Golden Beads

Image Courtesy: Sagarika Ghatge
Bridal Jewellery
Image Courtesy: Chandni Singh
Image Courtesy: Cupcake Productions
Bridal jewellery
Image Courtesy: Trinkets Mania

#7 Mix N’ Match; Layering Necklaces with Different Designs 

Photo Courtesy: The Photo Diary
layered necklace
Image Courtesy: bollywooddhamaka.com
Photo Courtesy: Infinite Memories

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Necklaces To Layer Together:

  • Check the neckline of your blouse whether it’s open or deep cut, embroidered or plain. It’s best to avoid layering too much with the heavily embroidered neckline to avoid making the look too busy.
  • Pick colour tones from your lehenga or saree and use those colours in different jewellery layers for a fun yet super coordinated and pretty look.
  • Layering Pearls, diamonds and polki with pastels is a great look for a bride who doesn’t like going heavy.
  • Play with different shapes and sizes of gemstones, textures and styles of necklaces to create your very own unique look.
  • Confused about layering? Satlada necklaces, pearl, emerald and ruby strings are simple yet safe pieces of layering with which you can almost never go wrong.

Want us to answer more questions about this FAB trend? Just comment down below.


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