8 Pre and Post Holi Hair Care Tips To Prevent Hair Damage



The festival of colors and joy is almost here.In addition to all the fun, make sure you’re fully prepared to deal with the effect of colors on your skin and hair. Here are 8 pre and post-Holi hair care tips and tricks to protect your hair from toxic colors in the air.

Hair Care Tips Before Holi

#Tip 1 Get rid of the split ends 

Snip off the split ends before you prep your hair for Holi. Synthetic colors can make your hair drier and cause more split ends. So, it’s better to get rid of the split ends before you start the festivities.

#Tip 2 Wash your hair

Before oiling your hair on the morning of Holi celebrations, make sure that you wash and condition your hair the previous night. You can even apply a leave-in conditioner before you step out to play.

#Tip 3 Oil Massage 

Oiling your hair prevents colors from penetrating into the hair shaft and from hair breakage when you’re washing of the colors. Use coconut oil or olive oil to massage your scalp thoroughly and create a protective layer for your hair.

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#Tip 4 Cover your hair 

Once you’re done oiling your hair, it’s time to cover your hair. The best way is to use a scarf or a bandana. Avoid keeping your hair open, instead swirl them into a bun or make a tight ponytail. It will ensure that your scalp is protected, and color isn’t absorbed easily.

Hair Care Tips After Holi

#Tip 5 Comb your hair girl combing her hair

Before washing your hair after Holi, make sure you brush your hair well. Combing your hair will help you get rid of dry colors.

#Tip 6 Head Wash head wash

Wash of your hair with plenty of cold water so that most of the color comes off. Then, use a mild organic shampoo to wash of the colors from the scalp using your fingertips. Apply a deep conditioner and rinse well. You can even use a hair serum after your hair has dried.

#Tip 7 Hair Maskgirl applying hair mask

Your hair needs extra nourishment post Holi. Apply hair mask after two to three days to cure the damage caused by the colors. A few ingredients that you can add in your hair mask are lemon, eggs, yogurt and amla. You can also opt for a hair spa treatment at home to add back moisture to your hair. You can also try taking Hair Spa from Urban Company.

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#Tip 8 Haircut 

Colors can damage the growth of your hair. You can opt for trimming to get rid of the ends for a healthier growth or simply get a new haircut done. However, this is optional and depends on your hair type.