8 Almirah Designs for Small Rooms (Smart & Space-Saving Ideas!)

Tiny bedroom issues? Wondering what sort of a cupboard would suit the space best? This post helps you out with 8 clever almirah designs for small rooms. If you’ve ...

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Tiny bedroom issues? Wondering what sort of a cupboard would suit the space best? This post helps you out with 8 clever almirah designs for small rooms.

If you’ve been following our posts regularly, we can safely assume that you would have picked up quite a few design tips for small spaces by now. Whether it is fitting a mandir into your small apartment, fitting a home office into a tiny bedroom, or just small kitchen design ideas for your Indian home, we’ve shown you how there is no need to compromise on style or function when it comes to small spaces.

The same is the case with almirah designs for small rooms. With a few basic yet smart tricks and tips, you can have a sizable, practical yet stunning cupboard in your bedroom–whether it is built in, wooden, simple or modern. So, think smart and pick from these 8 cupboard designs for small bedrooms–you’ll love each one of them!

1. Use the wall behind the bed

wardrobe designs for small bedrooms
Interior Design by 4th Dimension. Photography by Prashant Bhat Photography

We often overlook the wall behind our bed as an option to install cupboards. But when you’re short on space, consider this area to construct your wardrobe. You can integrate bedside tables into the design and take the cupboard all the way till the ceiling to maximise storage space. A note of caution: Keep the design light and minimal, so that the room doesn’t appear stifling.

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2. Match the colour with your walls or flooring

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional HEJC Architects Combine

Sometimes, a good design is all about being clever. Trick the eyes by going for a cupboard in the same or similar colours as the wall adjacent to it or to the floor it stands on. This creates a seamless look, with no solid demarcations and helps add fluidity and space to the room.

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3. Opt for a sliding door almirah design

Wardrobe Design by My Gubbi

A fact that most people overlook is that cupboards don’t just occupy the floor space that they’re built on, but also that covered by the doors when opened. Therefore, it’s best to go for sliding doors in a small bedroom. It’s a great way to save space and also has a more modern look.

4. Indulge in a wardrobe design with mirrors

Interior Design by Aum Architects. Photography by Prashant Bhat Photography

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the design books. Mirrors reflect light and help make a small space appear larger. Therefore, opting for a wardrobe with mirrored doors makes perfect sense and looks extremely classy. Mirrors also make the wardrobe look less bulky. Plus, you don’t have to invest in a dressing table, which means only one thing: Saved space!

Pro Tip: The market has plenty of multi-purpose almirah designs for small rooms. These wardrobes include pull-out ironing tables, collapsible shelves, integrated baskets, and even shoe racks. Investing in them is a smart idea!

5. Use other reflective materials

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Posh

Another option is to opt for slightly reflective materials like glass—opaque, dark or clear. These too serve a similar purpose like mirrors do, giving an airier feel to the bedroom and reducing the weight of the wardrobe.

6. Choose lighter colours

Interior Design by Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts

While darker colours can create a crowded appearance, a lighter colour palette does the opposite by making a space seem larger. So, when you opt for a cupboard in just one shade but a lighter one at that, it helps brighten up the room.

7. Go for built-in almirah designs for small rooms

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Umesh Vishwakarma

Instead of building a wardrobe on vacant but precious floor space or adding a freestanding cupboard there, get a wardrobe built into wall cavities. Doing so also ties the wardrobe with the design surrounding it, thus helping it blend in. In the above design, the space next to the window seat was used to build a wardrobe. Lack of handles, a sleek design and inclusion of a mirror panel makes this design perfect for a small room.

8. Extend cupboards to the ceiling

wardrobe designs for small bedrooms
Almirah Design by My Gubbi

Every inch of space is precious in a small room and wasting it is as good as a crime. So, get your carpenter to build an almirah that goes all the way till the ceiling, so that you get at least one extra shelf’s worth of space. If your cupboard was already built with empty loft space, ask your carpenter to create new wardrobes for that area. You can use it to store items that you need only once in a few months, like suitcases.

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