7 Things Every Makeup Artist Wishes Brides Knew About Skin Care

Skin Care – it’s on top of every bride’s to-do list.

But in the middle of wedding shopping, decor decisions and guest list trimming, extensive skin care routines get reduced to one or two steps (such as simply washing your face at night!)

When on the day of your first big wedding event you sit in the makeup artist’s chair, she’s horrified to see the base she was to work with. As she applies layer after layer of product on your skin, she has a sinking feeling you’re going to leave her a bad review because every makeup artist knows – the more layers you add, the more visible makeup becomes. And nothing upsets a bride more than looking all “caked up” on her big day!

One of Delhi’s top makeup artist, Tejasvini Chander, revealed seven things all makeup artists wish brides knew about skin care for exactly this reason.

“The ultimate goal of pre-bridal skin care is to get your makeup artist to feel like you need no foundation!” says Tejasvini.

So while brides wish a good makeup artist has magical fingers and brushes and products, the truth is that even the best MUA will have a hard time making bad skin look flawless.

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How Do I Prepare My Skin Then?

1. Visiting a dermatologist is crucial if you have recurring skin problems

You need a skin care expert to find the root cause of the problem and start tackling it with medication or treatments at least 3-4 months prior. A lot of treatments and medication for acne really dry the skin out. So you need to give your skin some time to recover from the side effects of these treatments.

Tried & Tested Tip from a Real Bride: “My skin was very dry because of acne medication, and my makeup artist asked me to apply a ton of moisturiser daily in the days leading up to the wedding.”

2. Figure out what causes your skin to look better and worse

Pay special attention to what foods or habits get your skin to look better and which ones trigger skin trouble. For instance, white wine always dehydrates Tejasvini and breaks her out so she refrains from drinking it.

Tried & Tested Tip from a Real Bride: “Coconut water makes my skin glow so I drank one glass every day in the months leading up to my wedding.”

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3. Do whatever it takes to get rid of dry patches!

As a professional makeup artist, what Tejasvini finds most challenging to work on are DRY PATCHES. Makeup pigments get caught onto flakey and dry bits of the skin and make the makeup look absolutely horrible and cakey. A common mistake is the wrong identification of skin type as a result of which people pick up the wrong products and it only gets worse. A proper cleansing, toning & moisturising (CTM) regime with exfoliation twice a week with the right products can really improve the skin’s texture and quality which in turn helps makeup to go on better and last better.

Tried & Tested Tip from a Real Bride: “I skipped the toning step but religiously moisturised my oily skin. And I scrubbed once a week, followed by a hydrating honey face mask from Forest Essentials. My bridal makeup artist thanked me for giving her a great base to work on. This routine has worked so well for me, I still follow it! Especially if I know I have a wedding to attend in a week or so. My foundation just glides on easily!”

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4. Add vitamin supplements to your diet. Yes, seriously!

Try adding biotin supplements to your diet. If they suit your system, they are the best supplement for your hair, skin and nails. Add Vitamin C of course! Vitamin C increases cell turnover and helps slough a layer of skin faster than it normally would. So if you are struggling with some marks and blemishes, this will speed up the disappearing process.

Tried & Tested Tip from a Real Bride: “Vitamin E supplements (Evion 400) really helped reduce my hair fall and added so much shine to my hair!”

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5. Facials are optional. But facial massages are mandatory!

Facials and Facial Massages can take your skin from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes. If you are not someone who is into facials, just try getting a massage with your favourite moisturiser or gel. Improved blood circulation not only makes you feel great, it also really really makes you GLOW!

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6. Don’t let anyone apply haldi on your face during the haldi ceremony!

Stay away from Haldi on your face because there are so many impurities added to food items these days. Tejasvini says, “I have experienced far too many allergic reactions on my brides post their haldi ceremony. In some cases, it has even left a very unflattering yellow hue that cannot be hidden even with makeup.”

Tried & Tested Tip from a Real Bride: “My family had applied Haldi on my face and because it left a yellow tint, I scrubbed my face for over 15 minutes frantically trying to get it off! Thankfully the colour came off. But it’s true – even haldi from a trust-worthy source should be kept off the couple’s face.”

Photo Courtesy: Gautam Khullar Photography

Photo courtesy: Naman Verma

7. Please don’t try anything new close to the wedding

This is every makeup artists’ number one bridal skin care tip. No new facials, products, treatments or anything. Try everything beforehand to make sure it suits you. If you are sensitive to certain makeup brands, let your makeup artist know. Do a makeup trial well in advance so you know the products that will be used on you do not react with your skin.

Of course, we all know you should hydrate your body, eat well, sleep lots and exercise. Brides often don’t follow these basics but if you make the extra effort, your skin AND your makeup artist will thank you!

What skin care tip has worked for YOU?

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