7 Mistakes to Avoid While Using Your Washing Machine

  Have you ever come across a situation when your washing machine stops working all of a sudden in between the wash cycle? In addition to a faulty washing ...

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Have you ever come across a situation when your washing machine stops working all of a sudden in between the wash cycle? In addition to a faulty washing machine, there are a lot of other reasons why your washing machine starts malfunctioning. Let’s look at 7 common washing machine mistakes to avoid.

Mistake to avoid # 1 – Overloading the washer

This is the most common mistake we commit and the most notable washing machine mistakes to avoid. In an urgency to wash a pile of clothes together, we end up overloading our washing machine. In such cases, your washing machine inevitably pays the price.

People need to understand that a machine is built to handle a specific, combined weight of clothes and water and it will only perform at its best when it is being used as per its capabilities. Pushing your machine too far will not solve anything, as the clothes will not come out clean and will need a rewash. In addition, overloading the machine will certainly mean a reduced lifespan of the machine. Some tips to maintain your washing machine will go a long way to ensure your appliance runs for years.

Mistake to avoid # 2 – Not keeping the washing machine on a level platform 

A common problem faced by many. Customers often forget to place their washing machine on a perfect horizontal level at the time of installation. Modern washing machines come with a level indicator that tells if the machine is on a perfect plane or not. Another washing machine mistake to avoid is leaving your machine on an uneven surface  will lead to functioning issues. You will notice such problems while drying your clothes. The tub may make some noises or the machine will generate heavy vibrations. Such vibrations can damage the motor or even create a permanent imbalance. To avoid all these issues, and mintain your washing amchine, set the machine on a proper plane, check the level indicator, and only then start to use it. You can also call Urban Company experts to deal with your broken washing machine.

Mistake to avoid # 3 – Ignoring the tags

It may be the most advanced washing machine available in the market, but it cannot read the cloth tags – yet. The tags attached to your tops, shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants or any other clothes indicate the right wash settings or conditions for a perfect cleaning. Sticking to them will not harm the clothes. Hence, this is a very important washing machine mistakes to avoid. Also, ensure that you do a regular washing machine maintenance.

A good way to take care of this is to put similar clothes together. Don’t put towels and tops in the same wash, do not put silk and heavy kinds of cotton together also. Another thing not to do is to put dark colours, especially the ones that run colour, with the light fabrics. You don’t want to put a red kurta with your whites only to find the white all splotchy with reddish marks.

Mistake to avoid # 4 – Using wrong settings

This is another common washing machine mistake to avoid but is committed by many. One should carefully read the instructions manual before operating the machine. This will help in understanding the settings properly. Options such as rinse and wash cycles may be tricky to understand. This is why it is better to listen to the installation guy sent by the seller and read the manual also. Clarify all your doubts from Urban Company experts. Using wrong settings will not cause any harm on the face of it but you may end up with washing clothes improperly or even damaging them. Hire a washing machine repair service from Urban Company.

Mistake to avoid # 5 – Using too much detergent

The logic, the more, the better does not necessarily apply to the amount of detergent you are using in your machine. Putting too much will make your clothes rough and sudsy, and they will lose their shine as well. Moreover, excess use of detergent is bad for your machine as it will eventually remove the protective coating from the washing tub and the inner components. This will ultimately lead to malfunctions. If you ever come across such a situation you can always book washing machine repair service on Urban Company! 

Mistake to avoid # 6 – Leaving the clothes in the machine for long

Storing your clothes for washing in the machine is okay but leaving them inside after the wash is not cool. Leaving your damp clothes in the machine seems like a no-harm-done idea but it is harmful for the machine. Damp clothes and the moisture in the tub create an ideal environment for bacteria and mould to build up. The foul smell is a bonus. Take out the clothes right away after the wash and leave the door open for 15-20 minutes so that moisture wicks away. Also, wipe off the inside with a thick towel so that any water present is soaked by the towel.

Mistake to avoid # 7 – Remember to clean dispensers

Washing machine maintenance is a regular task. Fully automatic machines usually come with two or three trays or dispensers for detergents, softeners, and to store detergents. Many people forgot to wash the trays regularly. Since two of these trays (for detergents and softeners) are always in contact with water, not cleaning them regularly can create grimy and sticky layers for bacteria or even algae to proliferate. This can cause health problems as the machine will continue to move the water through the bacteria in the trays and into the wash tub.



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