7 Latest Eyeliner Trends You Should Try

  Our eyes are our most expressive feature. And so, applying eyeliner in the plain Jane style every time can be a bit boring. We suggest that you go ...

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Our eyes are our most expressive feature. And so, applying eyeliner in the plain Jane style every time can be a bit boring. We suggest that you go bold this festive season with your look and try out these latest eyeliner trends.

  1. Smokey look

This eyeliner trend has been around for a while. But it just doesn’t seem to go out of style and that too for good reason! Smoky eyes look good on everyone. If you are looking for a foolproof eyeliner trend to follow, go for the smoky look. To get this look, you have to use a liquid or gel eyeliner to get a winged liner look. Once that is done, take some black or dark grey eye shadow and create a winged effect towards the side of the eye. You can use a metallic eye shadow for the other half of the eye and get a dramatic effect. Use a pencil eyeliner to draw a thick line on the lower lash line.

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  1. Golden highlight

This is one of the coolest current make up trends that you can surely follow. To achieve this look, you need to get hold of some golden eyeliner. Outline the basic black eyeliner with a sharp line of golden eyeliner. You can keep the golden line thick or thin, depending on how dramatic you want the look to be. This look goes great with traditional outfits. If you are looking for a make up trend to follow on Diwali or for a wedding party, this may just be your go-to trend.


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3. Blue is the new black

Yes, that is right! Blue is the new black in the eyeliner department. Rather than using the traditional black eyeliner, go in for a colour explosion and use a blue liner instead. This is one of the current make up trends that celebrities around the world are sporting. You can either be very bold and go in for a blue shade on the upper and lower eye lines or you could stick with black for one and blue for one.

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  1. Add some shimmer to it

It is one of the easiest trends to carry out. All you have to do is draw the lines normally on your eyes. Then, with some shimmery white or silver eye shadow, crease the top of your eye and leave it like that. This will make your eyes look very inviting and will help glam up even a simple outfit. This trend is perfect for the days on which you want to shine and stand out in the crowd.


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  1. Floral beauty

This latest eyeliner trend may sound complicated, but it is actually pretty easy and most fun to carry out. For this, you just have to draw five small dots on the winged edge of your eyeliner. You can use a liquid eyeliner in any colourful shade for the dots. To make it even more trendy, go for multiple colours and add a bit of shine to it too. The look works well for the evening, but can be teamed up with a simple, day time dress too.


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6. The ombre look

This eyeliner trend is undoubtedly one of the classiest looks out there. To achieve the ombre look,  line your upper and lower lash lines with a regular, black eyeliner. Just leave a small gap in the lower line and fill it up with a blue or a sea-green pencil liner. Blend it in with the black eyeliner and see your eyes light up. This is simple to execute but adds a whole new level of class and elegance to your look.


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7. Contrasting shades

If you really want something different, try out this super simple, yet funky new eyeliner trend. All you have to do is draw a simple black line on the upper lash line. The lower lash line needs to be jazzed up with a thick, bold and colourful stroke of eyeliner. Contrast the two colours and give a winged look with the colourful lower lash line shade.


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Let us know which one(s) you tried out and how’d it go in the comments below!

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