6 Ways CCTVs Can Improve Security of Your House

  The use of CCTV has increased drastically during the recent years, especially in the metropolitan cities. One might the usage of CCTV is being consumed by huge MNC’...

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The use of CCTV has increased drastically during the recent years, especially in the metropolitan cities. One might the usage of CCTV is being consumed by huge MNC’s or companies of the likes. However, as much as these companies and hotels use CCTV, houses and apartments, use it equally. This might be because of the increasing crime rates in these cities and the need for the city-dwellers to feel safe in their households.

However the increase in the installation and usage of CCTV in many households has not fully convinced the others. There are houses that are in a dilemma whether to install a CCTV at home because of the possible repercussions and the difficulty in maintenance.

Nevertheless, for those in dilemma, we have collected and put together 6 advantages of installing wireless CCTV at home and secure your house on a daily-basis.

CCTV cameras are normally installed outside houses, to overlook the activities of strangers outside your house. However you can also choose to install it inside. Though it does not record any sounds, it does give a clear picture of what is going on. These videos that are recorded can be saved and re-used for various purposes.

1. Fear of safety

Once you get CCTV installed in your house, you no more need to worry about break-ins or burglary while you are away. Because whatever happens, it will still be recorded in your CCTV cameras. Thus, these cameras let you be, free of worry while you are away on a vacation or especially during business trips.

Some CCTV cameras have special features that allow you to monitor the activities in your house, through your mobile phones, when you are away. These cameras are connected to your phones through a common application that gives you a live update from where it is installed, when you are away. 

2. Curbs break-ins and crimes

Though installing CCTV can help you monitor the activities in your household and let you be tension free, it still cannot fully stop crimes like break-ins and burglaries.

However, it can very well help curb it. If a potential burglar sees your household is fully secured with CCTV in every nook and corner, it might as well put him off and because of the fear, he will deter from any crime that he earlier intended to do.

CCTV cameras with new technological advancements are coming with burglar alarms affixed in them which will alert you through the common app or even alerts the near by police station about the break in.

3. Brings in evidence

When you file a crime committed against you or robbery that happened in your household evidence is definitely required to final in on any suspect. The video recorded and saved in your CCTV camera is considered as evidence by all courts of law. Hence, installing a camera can come in handy at times like these and can be a precautionary measure taken to secure your life.

Another time it might come in handy is when your house is vandalised and you need to claim the insurance for the same reason. To increase the strength of your claim, you can submit the recorded videos.

4. Securing your kids

There must be a gazillion times when parents need to be away from kids, unexpectedly and during most of these occasions you cannot possibly take them with you. Here, parents usually seek the help of baby-sitters who cannot be completely trusted nowadays, especially if your kids are unable to talk yet.

Hence, having cameras installed in your household can become a great advantage as this will stop these baby-sitters from behaving inappropriately, to your kids. Even if it doesn’t stop them, the videos at least bring these actions, to your complete attention.

Speaking of which, you can also overlook the actions of other staff members in your household, like maids, gardeners etc, using these videos.

5. Personal relief

If you live alone in your house and fear for your security, you can install CCTV outside your house for a better peace of mind.

Installing a camera outside your house and getting a view of the recordings, from inside helps you to identify the visitors or strangers that make way to inside your compound. This, as a precautionary measure, will help your recognize if they are a potential threat or not and in turn helps you be safe.

6. Low cost safety

As mentioned above, installing a CCTV has many advantages. However, buying it can be a little expensive, especially if you are planning on installing quite a few numbers around your house.

However, the maintenance cost for these cameras is not high as you would expect. These cameras only need repairs when they go out of order and occasionally check-ups about their proper working. This will help you stay secure at a minimum cost.

Here are a few reasons why you need to have CCTVs installed at home. Get one installed and never sleep with one eye open!

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