6 Super Easy Balloon Decoration Ideas For Birthday Parties



When we think of a birthday party, we can surely imagine balloons, cakes, lots of people and too much fun.  A birthday is an occasion to rejoice with our friends and loved ones. These days birthday themes and decorations seem to play a major role in any birthday party. In fact, party planners and decorators are coming up with amazing birthday decoration ideas for the little ones. Of these, the one idea that never seems to go out of fashion is balloon decoration. You can do a simple birthday decoration at home using balloons to throw the perfect birthday party!

Balloons are party highlighters! They not only brighten up birthday parties but also bring the group together in balloon bursting activities. Balloon birthday themes have always been fun and easy. The bright and colorful balloons are an ideal choice for any birthday party.

Several other birthday party decoration items available in the market such as confetti, ribbons, laces, danglers and birthday poppers can be used in addition to balloon decorations to make it a fun party. Read on to find out about some super easy birthday decoration ideas using balloons.

1. Garland of Balloons

This is the most commonly used idea to decorate using balloons at home for a birthday party. All you need is to take a thread and string along the inflated balloons from one end to another. This will give the look of a garland that can be used for tying across a room from end to end. The color can be a single or a double shade. Even multiple color balloons will make a lasting impact.

Materials Required: balloons of different shades, Thread to tie the inflated balloons

How to do it: Inflate the balloons. You can coordinate the color shades accordingly (or as shown in the picture above). Tie them in a string using the thread and hang them on the wall or ay place you feel suitable in the venue.

2. Balloon Arch

The inflated balloons are strewn along with each other to create the shape of an arch. You can use this arch of balloons to decorate the entrance of the party venue. A spotlight over this arch can create a great effect. The color can be chosen as per the theme.

Materials Required: medium and large sized Balloons and thread

How to do it: You can inflate the balloons using an air pump used for blowing balloons. once done, tie them tightly together and give them the shape of an arch. This type of decoration looks best when used to decorate the entrance of the party venue.

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3. Balloons filled with sweets and candies

This is the most traditional way of using balloons for a birthday decoration. This is most apt when there are several kids present in the group. You can take a big sized balloon and fill it with flavored candies. After this it needs to be inflated and put up right on the top of the table where the cake will be cut. After the birthday kid blows off the candles, you can burst the balloon with the help of a needle and the candies will fall out. this a fun-filled activity that kids enjoy the most.

Materials Required: Big sized balloons and candies of your choice.

How to do it: Fill in each balloon with candies and blow them out. Tie the balloons with a string and hang it above the birthday cake. Once your kid finishes cutting the cake, you can burst the balloon and the candies will fall out!

4. Wall of balloons

This is an innovative and quite impressive style of using balloons for a party decoration. You can choose a single shade or a double shade as per your preference.

Materials Required: Balloons, double-sided tape

How to do it: Inflate the balloons and stick them one after another on a wall. These can be stuck with the help of a double-sided tape. Several rows and columns will be created and form a complete wall covered with balloons. This decoration can also serve the purpose of a photo booth for the guests.

5. Balloons tied to return gifts

This is most useful when you have a group of kids amongst the invitees. You can tie one balloon each on the return gift packet or hamper and keep it in the corner. This will keep the kids in the hall curious and awaiting during the entire party.

Materials Required: Return gifts, Balloons, thread

How to do it: inflate the balloons and tie them with threads. Using the thread tied to each balloon, tie each return gift.

6. Balloons with glow sticks

This decoration idea is perfect when the lighting is dim or dark. The glow sticks can be inserted inside the balloons which are then inflated with gas. These balloons flow upwards and get attached to the ceiling of the room. This creates a surreal effect of light in the room. These balloons can also be attached to the ceiling upside down with a long string. this gives the illusion of a starlight canopy.

Materials Required: Glow sticks(easily available in the market), balloons, thread, double-sided tapes, colorful ribbons

How to do it: Insert a glow stick inside a balloon and infate it using helium gas(you can hire a professional to do it) so that the balloon floats. tie them with threads or colorful ribbons and let them get attached to the ceiling.

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