6 Non-Cheesy Ways To Coordinate Bride & Groom Outfits!


Everything looks better when coordinated, especially when it comes to your wedding! One of the things we see couples losing sleep over before their wedding day is coordinating their wedding outfits. Questions like ‘How do we even begin? Will it look too much or too cheesy?’ bother many, but fret not, we’re here to help. Here are 6 different ways in which you can coordinate outfits AND look picture-perfect at your wedding!

#1 Getting Tonal

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Pick a colour that you love. You don’t have to restrict yourself, and after giving thought to both of your colour preferences, pick on a colour that you mutually like. If you pick pink, the bride can go for a darker pink shade and the groom for a lighter shade of the same pink. The idea is going from dark to light or vice versa, together forming a shading effect. The colours that look the best for this idea are pink, peach, yellow, purple and green.

Pro Tip: Remember not to pick two shades of the same colour that are too close to each other. The outfits should have a gradient or ombre effect.

#2 Borrowing from the Bride

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Let the bride take the centre stage. Once the bride has picked her lehenga, the groom can pick a colour from something from her outfits (such as a motif detail, border, lining, second dupatta etc) and incorporate the colour as an accent in his outfit. For example, if the bride has a yellow lehenga with a blue dupatta or second dupatta, the groom can go for a blue or yellow coloured safa, pocket square, sherwani buttons, waistcoat and so on.

Real Bride, Neha, says:

I wore a very colourful lehenga – full of reds, peaches and pinks! Obviously, my simple husband did not want to get into any of these bright colours, so he added red buttons to his ivory sherwani. Simple, yet effective!

#3 Jewellery Coordination

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Grooms love to dress up almost as much as brides do, but are more often than not, too shy to admit it. There is something really charming about a groom who dares to accessorise his outfit with jewellery, giving his lady love some company. While picking out jewellery, try and coordinate with the style and colour of jewellery. For instance, if the bride’s choker has emerald stone drops, the groom can go with a layered green beads necklace. Gold and pearl also look great together,  and if the bride is adorned in heaps of gold jewellery, the groom can go for pearl embellished accessories (like his sarpench or necklace).

Another way to coordinate is by complementing each other’s outfits with matching jewellery. If the bride is wearing a green lehenga, the groom can go for a neutral coloured outfit highlighted with green stone necklaces, and vice versa. An example of a great look is going for a colour like ivory and wearing matching contrasting jewellery with it in pink ruby or sapphire. This look is sure to look like a dream.

#4 Same Print Different Colour

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A unique way to coordinate, especially for smaller functions like your mehendi or haldi ceremonies, is to pick the same print (floral, stripes, gingham) or the same work (gotta or embroidery), and pick different colours for the outfit (such as blue for the groom, and pink for the bride). This style of coordination is sure to make a statement at your wedding function.

#5 Complementary Colours

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There are colours which are not necessarily matching, and may even contrast with each other, yet look great together. A contrasting look by the bride and groom can be super eye-catching and attractive. Colours that look great together:

  • With Gold: Red / Deep Green / Blue / Black / White / Maroon
  • With Orange: Peach / Ivory
  • With Pink: Light Blue / Lemon Green / Grey / Pastel Yellow/ Bright Red / Cream
  • With Red: Ivory / Beige / Black / Gold
  • With Royal/Cobalt Blue: Gold / Ivory / Cream / Beige

#6 Elements of Decor in the Outfits

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To nail coordination for your entire wedding, pick colours that are in sync with your event decor. For instance, if the decor theme for your sangeet is white and peach, the groom can pick a white tuxedo, and the bride a peach gown. Make sure that the shades you pick are lighter or darker than the decor colours and not the same, otherwise you’ll blend in with the decor and NOT stand out in your photographs!

Now that you have the perfect outfit coordination guide in your kitty, it’s time to get to work and pick your favourite ideas for coordinating your outfits. The added benefit? You get stellar pictures for your wedding!


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