6 Ideas for an Awesome Party to Amaze Your Guests


Getting together is intrinsic to humans. We have lived in communities, celebrated personal events together and feel the need to unwind after a work week with friends and family. When you invite someone to your space, you want them appreciate it. Whether it is your mind or your house. And it works both ways. If they appreciate your space, you have to make sure they feel welcomed.

Here are some ideas you should get right before you invite your loved ones to share the events of your life.


What adorns the walls or the shelves of your house, reflects your style. Whether it is travel memorabilia or that artsy coaster you want your guests to use. Make sure the house smells great with the help of potpourri and nice diffusers. You can also add neem oil in diffuser to ensure pests and mosquitoes don’t enter every time the door opens. Apart from that, simply make some decor yourself to exhibit the creative you. Here is a video that helps you make a lampshade with the help of balloons:


Table Setting

“Food is served” has a lot of expectations from the guests. If you are making efforts to feed your guests good food, make sure you serve them well. Pick starters that are easy to make and healthy. There are customised serving plates and dip bowls easily available in the market to make eating a nice experience. Your cutlery may have been picked out well but your table setting also needs to be right. Here is a neat trick to fold the napkins on the table and make your guests marvel at the precision:



No matter what you serve, serve it right. Every beverage has a specific tastebud its catering to and hence a specific glass. You can also add the creative ice cubes to the drinks as per your own personality. Go floral or go quirky, depending on the edible choices that you can go with. Whether it is a beautiful flower or a slice of lime in an ice cube, they look great.



Keep it simple! Even if you are hiring a chef, ensure that the food caters to everyone. If you have kids coming over, you have to be particular. If you are focussing on the starters (considering your guests would drink), keep the main course simple. Going Indian works with everyone but if not, stick to conventional recipes from each cuisine. So you can do a mixed vegetable noodles and a gravy dish or a Thai curry and steamed rice cooked in kafir lime. Pick the standard. Here is a list of recipes that can help!



A nice speaker hooked to a playlist sets the mood. Make sure the volume is high enough for people to enjoy it and low enough to not interfere in the conversations of the evening. Keep a mix music, starting with slow hummable songs to fast numbers as the night catches on. There is always a guest who would want to dance. A better option according to me is hiring a live musician with an acoustic guitar. He/She can take requests and play as per the mood of the room!

Cleaning up


Ahh mess! It is the mess that sucks the entire fun out of a perfect evening. Well not anymore! Book a professional home cleaning service from Urban Company and make your life easier!

We hope these ideas help you to have a good time with your loved one. Have a wonderful get together and share your stories with us too!