5 Stunning Styling Tips For A Living Room With A Statement Sofa

A statement sofa is a smart piece of living room furniture that can be functional at so many levels. Not only does it become the focal point for a ...

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A statement sofa is a smart piece of living room furniture that can be functional at so many levels. Not only does it become the focal point for a living room, but it also provides an opportunity to inject character and drama around your drawing room design. We’re here to share with you some amazing living room ideas that help increase the style quotient of your statement sofa. So, let’s get going!

1. Choose a Sofa in a Bold Colour

Sofa set for your living room

Bold is in. So, make sure that your sofa stands out in your living room layout and against the wall behind it. A sofa in a bold colour, brighter texture and vibrant fabric is eye-catching, and can make all the difference in your living room.

2. Light It Up

While your room aesthetic may be anything from bold to traditional, what adds character to your sofa are the lights above it. You could hang a bouquet of filament lights above your statement sofa, or a chandelier for sophistication. Ceiling lights too can work magic on your statement sofa. Lights create a calming effect and, thus, allow your sofa to be the star of your room design.

3. Breathe Some Art into the Space

Sofa set for your living room

Art is undoubtedly one of the most glamorous element to form part of a living room’s wall decor. Just be careful that it doesn’t match the colours of your sofa too much, but only feeds off some of the colours in it. Needless to say, frames in colours contrasting with that of your sofa will help strike a balance.

4. Work That Coffee Table

A coffee table and a statement sofa is a match made in heaven! There’s no way you can have one without the other. So, if you do have a stylish sofa, make sure that your coffee table appeals to its aesthetics. If, for instance, the colour of your sofa is green, complement it with a black coffee table. A deep blue sofa would look lovely with a copper or brass metal coffee table. It’s not just about the colours, but also about the materials and textures used.

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5. Strike the Right Balance

Working with bold colours is tricky because they can either look gorgeous, or end up looking too dramatic for your living room. Therefore, it is essential to know how to strike a balance when using bold colours and patterns. For instance, if your statement sofa is a lovely fuchsia, complement it with a light patterned rug. Better still, don’t have too many decor elements around it and you would have struck a balance.

So, whether you like elegant home decor ideas or you’re a fan of the traditional style, step out of your comfort zone and try one of these trending statement sofa tricks to give your living room that wow factor. 

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