5 Simple Ways to Help You Prepare for Fatherhood

This one’s for all the Dads-to-be! Motherhood is a wonderful, exciting new phase and having you around is one of the best things your partner could ask for. Yes, she’s probably a bundle of nerves and oscillating between huge smiles and crazy tantrums – but just blame that on the pregnancy hormones! And while she’s making a safe, cozy home for the baby inside her, here’s what you can do to prepare yourself for fatherhood:

1. Be handy around the house

An infant in the house means changing your routine and your home set-up too. Babies are especially delicate and curious about new sights and sounds, so it is important to baby-proof your house well. Hire Urban Company’s professional carpentry or interior services  to figure out how you can protect against awkward, sharp furniture edges and create a happy, fun zone for your little bub to grow up in.

2. Get a handle on finances

First you were two and now you’ll be three! Which means factoring in expenses for a whole new person at home. Between hospital costs and baby stuff – there’s a ton of stuff to keep in mind. So plan your finances well (link to UC CA services if any) and budget for everything you and your partner could possibly need before your little one enters the world.

3. Do your reading


Pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding, infant care – it’s a brand new world that you’re going to have to face and it’s important you are well prepared and supporting your partner every step of the way. Thanks to Google and a whole bunch of parenting books and magazines (plus lots of free advice from that nosy Aunty next door!),  you have enough resources at your service to research and gear up for being a great Dad.

4. Childbirth and Baby Care Classes


Hospitals nowadays offer special classes for first time parents to help them cope with the challenges of parenthood. From simple yoga and breathing techniques that can help during labour to more detailed sessions on how to look after your infant – there’s plenty you can learn from these experts. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, no matter how silly you think they sound. Enroll for couple sessions and learn the ropes of parenthood before the baby arrives and inflicts sleepless nights on the both of you!

5. Bond with the bump


Mommy-to-be spends every single second of the pregnancy with the baby – she’s feeling the kicks, hiccups and even notices when the baby sleeps. It’s important a father-to-be also spends some quality time with the bump. Talk to the baby through the belly, feel the kicks and spend time pampering your partner – she’s creating a wonderful gift for you and it’s important to let her know how much she means to you!

These 9 months of pregnancy can be equal parts magical and equal parts frustrating – so it’s important to be a pillar of support for your partner when nausea, fatigue and mood swings are getting her down. With you by her side, every thing is a lot easier to handle and she’s definitely going to thank you for it. Don’t worry too much about sticking to the rule book when it comes to being a great Dad – there’s going to be tons of advice and tips coming your way. What’s important is that you sift through your research, choose what works best for you and let that natural Daddy instinct kick in to determine what parenting style works best for you. Good luck for fatherhood – we’re sure it’s going to be the best ride of your life!



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