5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Logo Designer

People are more likely to remember a brand from its logo than its name. The most iconic brands and their logos are quite inseparable. Anyone will recognise brands like ...

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People are more likely to remember a brand from its logo than its name. The most iconic brands and their logos are quite inseparable. Anyone will recognise brands like Tata, Thumbs-Up, and McDonalds from their logo alone. Despite the fact that all three of them have undergone changes (to varying degrees), the logos retain the familiarity and recall value. It is possible to create such memorable and iconic logos for your own business if you hire the right logo designer. You would want a logo that can accomplish these important points for you:

a. Have recall value

b. Generate interest

c. Be a conversation starter

d. Establish you as a trusted brand

Unless you are a really great designer yourself, you should consider hiring a professional designer. A professional designer will have a long discussion with you to understand your business and your vision before they start to design your logo. There are several aspects of logo design that an average person will not know about. Let us look at 5 of these most important aspects.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Logo Designer


1. Colours and Fonts 

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Picking the right colours can be crucial. A professional logo designer will be able to choose the best shades that bring a logo to life. Next, never underestimate the power of typography and its impact on any design, particularly logos. It is also true that most of us cannot name more than 2 fonts. Professional logo designers can choose a font that is perfect for your design. But simply using fonts for a logo does not have to be boring. The Formula One logo has the “1” in the negative space between the “F” and the depiction of speed. The logo is easily readable and its meaning and intent are quite obvious. 

2. Fonts vs. Graphics

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We will need to go into some detail to explain this aspect of logo design. Let’s start with some examples. Brands with catchy names could use their name as their logo. Sony is probably a great example here. While its sub-brands like Walkman and Vaio have their own logos, the 4 letters of the parent brand makes for a basic but perfect logo. The original (from 1955) was redesigned to the modern version in 1961. It has stayed that way with only minor changes to the font style. Another example is Coca-Cola! The curvy lettered logo was designed way back in 1885. A more Desi example, you say? Does the name “Amul” bring some logo to mind?

On the flip side, pure graphics can be just as memorable. The three-pointed star of Mercedes-Benz is universally recognised. The original design was adopted in 1909 and has changed little since. SBI’s blue keyhole is a great Indian example.

So, what is the point of all these examples? Well, a professional logo designer can help you decide which path to follow. As a business owner, personal bias towards our brand can seriously cloud this judgement. The right call can have a huge impact on how your logo performs. This is one of the most important reasons why you should hire a professional logo designer.

3. Representative or Abstract 

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The logo can be either an obvious visualisation of what your business does or it can be abstract. For instance, a logo with a camera in it will describe what a professional photographer does instantly. Sometimes, you will want such a connection. Alternatively, abstract logos do give more freedom for expansion. Further, your USP may itself be an abstract concept. In such cases, you do not want your logo to be self-explanatory. A professional logo designer can use their creativity to bring the best features of your business into the logo. This is what gives the logo its message. That brings us nicely to the next point…

4. Subtle vs. Direct

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The message that your logo sends must gel with the rest of the design. The current trend is for logos to have subtle hints about the brand’s nature. Consider the Amazon logo. Did you notice the underlying arrow that points from the letter A to Z? The meaning is quite clear, though the hint itself is subtle. On the other hand, some logos leave little to imagination. That does not mean that these more “direct” logos are poorly-designed. The Kerala Tourism logo includes several obvious elements while still looking great. Such logos may work quite well due to their clear intent.

5. Cross-Platform Adaptability

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Courtesy: Behance

Your logo will likely be printed on business cards, official stationery, or even on the side of vehicles and windows. You may also want an app for your business. Explainer videos are another common marketing and outreach tool used by businesses today. With so many places where your logo will make an appearance, you want your logo to look good everywhere. It should not lose clarity in the small space of a business card or when magnified on a display window. The brand should be recognisable when the logo is used as an app icon. Finally, the ability to animate the logo creates fantastic opportunities for video content. Good professional logo designers consider all these factors when they design your logo.

Each of the points above are factors where professional logo designers can do a better job than if you do it yourself by drawing it on piece of paper or using some free online logo creation service. Professionals will also present you with several options before you pick the final design.

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