5 Reasons Why Spa Therapy Is Better Than Retail Therapy

  Do you tend to spend your entire week at work and end up stacking household chores for the weekend? Fail to find the “me-time” you so badly need?  ...

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Do you tend to spend your entire week at work and end up stacking household chores for the weekend? Fail to find the “me-time” you so badly need?  Well, this weekend doesn’t have to be the same. Are you thinking of taking the good old route of retail therapy and will treat yourself with a long due good shopping spree? We suggest, relieve the entire week’s stress by simply bringing the luxury of a relaxing spa session at home. In this post, we give you enough good reasons why a spa session is so much better than retail therapy.

What is retail therapy?

spa therapy

According to Wikipedia, “Retail therapy is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer’s mood or disposition. Often seen in people during periods of depression or stress, it is normally a short-lived habit. Items purchased during periods of retail therapy are sometimes referred to as comfort buys.” People often shop when feeling sad, but whether shopping reduces prolonged sadness remains an open question. In addition to buying and acquiring a variety of products and services that serve every day functional needs, shopping also helps to achieve more self-gratification and mood repair. But you could end up having buyer’s remorse and impulse shopping guilt. 

Why spa therapy is better than retail therapy?


1. Spa is more relaxing than running around malls

A spa visit gives you a break from your daily routine and that stressful week. It definitely helps you become energetic and fresh, and lets you deal with the stress that awaits on the other end.  Whether it is simply sitting in a jacuzzi or a steam shower or getting a body massage, the stress surely goes away. Since you have already spend the last 5 days running around the office, you definitely need to indulge in a peaceful spa session at home this weekend rather than running around malls. Surely, the idea of shopping is exciting but it could also be stressful.

2. In a spa session, you do not have to dodge pushy salespeople


Stressed? Exhausted? Strained? Now imagine dodging pushy salesmen in the malls who will make sure to annoy you with their many options to offer, half of which you would not even be interested in. ‘Me time’ is essential for working individuals. But it is not just confined to professionals and women. Everyone should consider booking a spa session every now and then. While spa time can be indulgent, it can also be therapeutic.

3. Post-spa glow lasts way longer than the post-mall shopping glow

Stress can affect your skin texture. It can also drain the natural glow out of you. To keep your skin looking healthy and youthful, get a facial done once a week. Facial treatments include deep cleansing, exfoliation, and massage. Additionally, facials can help maintain the health of your skin to lessen the sign of ageing, and treat acne. Shopping is a good self-indulgent treat but imagine the radiant glow post a spa-session that can last for days after. Would a day’s shopping give that to you?

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4. You can disconnect from technology for some hours in a spa session

While pampering yourself with some spa time, you get the chance to disconnect as well. No phone calls, no emails or text messages. This is the time for you to get off the grid and relax. This will help your mind to focus without any stress.

5. Retail therapy temptations are limited to good-for-you body care items

All throughout the week, it becomes almost impossible to take out some time for yourself to even put on a face mask. When you book a spa appointment, all your beauty chores are taken care of without putting any effort by yourself. The treatments offered by a spa including skin care services and body treatments help your skin look younger and healthier. And you will be glowing through the entire week thereafter. So why waste money and time in going out and buying numerous beauty products, when you can take care of your skin and get rid of the stress on your face by booking a spa session at home.

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Top 4 health benefits of spa therapy

1. Spa improves your blood circulation

When you get a spa session, your blood circulation improves because of physical manipulation of soft tissue and the chemicals that are released due to the body’s response to relaxation.

2. Spa makes you aware of the limits of your body

Once you acquaint yourself with regular massage you will discover the sore and tight areas of your body that you would not have noticed in regular movements.

3. Spa improves your flexibility

Do you have lower back stiffness or ligament issues? A 30-minutes massage therapy per week can improve your flexibility and motion.

4. Spa can help with your digestion

Within the process of spa, the tummy area is usually worked upon – until there is some medical reason to avoid it.

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As much as retail therapy has been touted as the ultimate way to double your happiness quotient, spa therapy can be a stress reliever that can put all other ways of relaxation to shame. The spa experience is all about you. When you book a spa session at home, all your beauty chores are taken care of without putting any effort by yourself. You work hard all week long, you deserve a good break from the daily errands of life. Spend a day releasing all the stress with a spa session at home. Enjoy a relaxed “me time” this weekend by booking a spa session with Urban Company!

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