5 Period Problems and Their Fixes


Here I go again. You must think I can’t stop ranting right? It is after all a ‘persistent problem’. Every month I face the agony like many women. Spare me for telling you guys the last time why there shouldn’t be an added one- one that of the social stigma!

If you wan’t to know what I am talking about read It is Not a Taboo & it Does Hurt. Period.

So what is it that makes us dread “that time of the month”? I am sorry but its not just the “daag ka darr” (fear of the stain) that slows us down. I wish it was just that, as shown by the million sanitary napkin ads on TV. Life is not all peaches and roses after that is out of the way. There are still a lot of “darr” that we are left to combat. I say combat because it is the same issue every bloody month! (pardon the french and the pun).

Alright, alright. I will show the brighter picture now. What if I told you that the usual problems faced every month have a solution. And life can be all peaches and roses (as shown in those ads where somehow women want to wear ONLY white during that time) if we just do one thing. Follow the expert’s advice.

Here we go:


Most women suffer from uncomfortable guts during this time. They not just bloat but also suffer diarrhea. The reason is quite simple. There is a spike during this time in water retention. So what can you do?

Tripti Tandon, nutritionist at Urban Company, tells you, “Avoid alcohol at any cost and reduce your salt intake. Eat food rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as walnuts, sea food like salmon & other fish soybeans, spinach. You can prep during your PMS. Increase your calcium and magnesium intakes. You can take supplements, but consult your gynecologist first. You should also pick potassium rich food like banana, asparagus, tomatoes that maintain a good balance of fluids.”

The good news is that 2-3 days into your periods, your ovaries produces hormones that helps you de-bloat. But a little prevention is always better than waiting for the cure!

Mood Swings

How many of you have heard “Are you PMSing?” when actually you are just mad at someone’s incompetence? Plenty I bet! While we can’t do much about these bright minds we certainly can control the mood swings. Hormonal fluctuations are normal during bleeding and ovulation. Food fixes this one too. As Raheela Hasan, another dietitian at Urban Company tells us, “You should regularly eat leafy green vegetables and whole grain foods. They are extremely rich in complex carbs that help us control our mood swings.”

Insatiable cravings

When food solves all the problems, there is a chance we over eat and start to gain more weight during this time. You are not the only one who wants to load up on chocolates and ice creams during this time. Before the periods start, there is a dip in the serotonin levels in the brain which makes us crave salty and sweet food. While its okay to give in to our cravings sometimes, but try doing it in a controlled manner. Try including calcium in your snacking items. For example instead of a chocolate, have a nutri bar or a glass of milk with your favorite brand of chocolate syrup in it.

Tired all the time!

You are not lazy, you are just on your period! Losing blood makes you lose iron as well. Iron is an energizing mineral that keeps your body active. Spinach, beans and lentils will make up for the lost iron.

And then there is pain!

Pain is certainly not the one to make it last on this list. But since I have already covered it here I thought I will come back to it. Pain is caused by prostaglandin hormones; the higher the levels you have, the worse you feel. Which is why some women hurt more than others. The first line of treatment is the pill followed by rest. But you can use a hot water bottle, a good massage and at least 30 minutes of exercise-yoga or aerobics. Trust me, during that pain, the exercise will help.

I hope I was able to help and am able to make your monthly moments easier. It worked for me. Why don’t you try? I mean it can’t hurt more!