5 Most Common Problems With An RO System And Their Solutions


The RO (reverse-osmosis) system is ideally a healthy way to achieve a level of water purity that makes it fit for drinking and cooking purposes, as compared to general tap water. Reverse-osmosis filters remove unwanted pollutants from general tap water and flush impurities away.

A reverse-osmosis system contains a cold-water valve that takes water from an external source and supplies water for the system. The cold water then goes through a pre-filter which gets rid of sediments and impurities. The RO membrane is the most important part of the system – it allows the filtration process to take place. The water, after leaving the storage tank, gets deposited into the post-filter which is usually made of carbon. The odour is completely removed after going through this filter. The shut-off valve conserves water when the storage tank is full. The storage tank can hold up to 3 gallons of water at a time. After going through the complete filtration process, the water comes out of the faucet.

However, after some years of constant use, the RO system wears down and some faults arise. Not only does an RO system need to be periodically maintained and cleaned, the storage tank also needs to be cleaned as the water would taste unpleasant even after you take the precautionary maintenance with your RO system. You also should get regular water purifier service done. Some common problems exist in all RO systems – you might have already faced them. Or there may be defects that you may now have begun to notice. But there are also solutions to troubleshoot these problems, as mentioned below. 

5 Common RO Problems and Their Solutions!

1. A noisy faucet or drain 

This is one of the most common problems of an RO system. Generally, this is caused when you are installing a new system or after you have changed the filter cartridges, and the air gets pushed out. There’s no need to worry as the noise will gradually reduce in a week. You can also seek help from Urban Company RO experts to help you out. Regular water purifier service will also help maintian the life of your RO. 

Pro Tip: One more thing that you could do is to set the tubes straight. You can check again for gaps in the system if the noise problem persists.

2. Leakage in the faucet 

If the system parts are fitted loosely, there will be some amount of leakage. Also, try to locate where the leakage is originating from. Sometimes, it comes from the bottom of the faucet stem. So you can tighten all the fittings again and push the tubing further into the valves, drain saddle and ports. This will improve the joint.

3. Foul odour or bad taste of water 

Stagnant water is the source  of foul odour. Also, depleted filters and worn-out membranes are the major reasons why the water in your house tastes bad. You simply need to replace the depleted components and the water will start tasting good again. The storage water needs to get changed periodically so that air and bubbles are reduced.

4. A system that runs without stopping 

This happens if the shut-off valve doesn’t close properly or the check valve is broken. Wrong installation of a membrane also makes the system continue to run. In order to stop the continuous flow of water, you need to measure the pressure in the storage tank. Ideally, the pressure needs to be 35-40 psi. If the check valve is broken, simply replace it.

5. Water flows slower than usual 

Again, this problem is related to pressure, and more often than not, the volume of water is less. You need to check if the water pressure in the RO tank is optimal. If it’s not, then raise the value to 6 – 8 psi carefully by using a pressure gauge. Sometimes, the bladder inside the tank cannot hold the pressure and then the whole tank must be replaced.

So, by now you have learnt how to fix your RO system and we hope that you are able to troubleshoot whenever the time comes.

However, if you do not want to go through the painstaking process of fixing your RO system yourself, RO experts from Urban Company are here to your rescue.

Repairing an RO system can be quite a tedious process as opening the entire system for problems and then reassembling it would take a lot of time. You can try the services of professionals on our platform and be free from any worry, in the comfort of your own home.

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