5 Makeup Trends to Rock on Your Wedding


Weddings can put brides in a tizzy when it comes to picking a look for their hair and makeup. To make your job easier, pick from the best of the season’s trends that you think might suit you. Here are a few makeup trends which rocked at the ramps and hit like wildfire on the streets handpicked by us for the brides of the season:

bridal makeup, bold lips, wedding makeup
Bridal Makeup by Tejasvini Chander

1. Bold Lipstick 

Do: Give the classic bold red a break and go for deeper colours like cherry, magenta, burgundy, and even browns. Who ever thought you could rock a brown lipstick at your wedding right?!

Get more ideas for bold lips here.

Don’t: Overdo it! Keep the lipstick matte and avoid gloss on top of deeper shades. Keep the eyes soft and subtle and let your lips steal the show.

bridal makeup, wedding makeup, eyebrows
Bridal Makeup by Shruti Sharma

2. Natural Brows

Do: Keep them natural. Gone are the days of threaded eyebrows ripped off all the hairs into thin curves and arches. Thick and natural brows are all the rage. You can thread a few strays and give shape at the arch of your brows. Accentuate with light shading but only at the ends and the arch.

Don’t: Paste colour over them. That is a serious makeup faux pass. You don’t want your beautiful brows standing out as pasty black stick ons.

bridal makeup, wedding makeup, makeup tips
Bridal Makeup by Shruti Sharma

3. Delicate Lashes

Do: Go for individual lashes rather than bold falsies. Individual lashes look more delicate and add volume at the same time. You can also go for lash extensions. Both these options add more to your lashes without taking away the natural beauty of your eyes.

Don’t: Stick the individual lashes randomly. Even though you want a more natural look, there has to be an order to it for it to look beautiful!

bridal makeup, wedding makeup, eye makeup
Bridal Makeup by Tejasvini Chander

4. Wet & Glossy Eyelids

Do: Wet eyelids are the flavour of the season. There is something uber dreamy about wet eyelids. You can rock the look for your wedding by going for wet glitter or wet eyeshadow. To add to your look, add light touches of vaseline, lip balm or coconut oil on top of the colour.

Don’t: Do not lather your eyelids with wetness. That is not the look that you want and it will cause major discomfort.

bridal makeup, matching makeup
Bridal Makeup by Farida Khan

5. Matchy Makeup

Do: Rock matching colours on your face like Miranda Kerr did with soft pinks on her wedding. The trick is to use similar and not necessarily the same shades. Play with boldness and softness, highlighting some areas like eyes and lips, more than the others.

Don’t: Play colour-book with your face, lest you start looking like a clown. Pasting on same colours on your eyes, cheeks, and lips can go really wrong. The trick is to blend well and keep it soft!

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